The Sizzling Women To Crave @ FLIFF 2017

Rosie Fellner in “Patient 001”

actress rosie fellner patient 101 fliff 2017

– An elegant face from the UK, Rosie Fellner is a head turner of the screen who has worked with some of the finest actors in Hollywood. From big screen features to indie fare, she’s blossomed into a charismatic enchantress.
– Rosie is the epitome of an English Rose and a British Vixen in the twisted film “Patient 001” as a desperate woman eager to have a child via cloning only to be beset by the supernatural, forcing her to abandon her progeny.
– She once played the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a Negan in an action thriller called “Heist” and recently guest-starred on the British TV mini-series “Liar” which stars Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd.

Taylor Black in “Helen Of Troy”

actress taylor black fliff 2017

– She should be christened as one of the most beautiful women on the planet and the luscious Taylor Black is proving her worth behind the lens as the director/writer of the romantic short “Helen Of Troy”.
– Taylor is at her most enchanting as Helen, a privileged woman whose life has been in isolation and she starts to recall fond memories of yore that is her long-lost youth, her ability to dream and her paramour Troy.
– In 2017, she’s already made us swoon as the model wife of a Korean plastic surgeon on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” and as a man-eating succubus Gina on the series “Midnight, Texas”.

Tarah DeSpain in “District Quarantine”

actress tarah despain district quarantine fliff 2017

– “The Walking Dead” might be perplexing to some in its Season 8 early run but rest assured we should be in for straight up horror with “District Quarantine” starring the fetching indie starlet Tarah DeSpain.
– While I couldn’t find the trailer for Tarah’s sci-fi short, it’s great to reminisce over her indie creature feature “Stomping Ground” which became a cult hit on the festival circuit as well as with fans (see BTS video above).
– “Stomping Ground” did focus on character development in the context of horror with the complicated lives of the protagonists at play, i.e. a brewing love triangle and Tarah showed us just why she’s a screen sweetheart.

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