Portland Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Brynn Baron

actress brynn baron zilla and zoe portland film festival 2017

It’s all about celebrating the women of indie films and here’s a nod to Brynn Baron, an actress and producer from Portland who has an endearing touch. She stars in “Zilla And Zoe” which is a film steeped in familial values yet revolves around Halloween which is so apt this week. Portland is liken to a treasure trove of actresses and Brynn represents the glowing pool of talents whom we should be fond of. Brynn plays Aunt Marge who is receptive as to why her niece Zoe has a penchant for making horror films. It all comes to a head when her father tasks her to shoot a wedding which coincides with Zoe’s desire to enter a horror film contest. Brynn herself has ties to the horror genre having appeared as a vampire on “The Monster Squad” early in her career.

She then went on to be on the TV series “Leverage” as well as countless plays, commercials and webisodes. She’s also doing her bit for the acting community at large with her efforts to promotes aspiring women in culture through comedy improv and screenwriting. Now that is becoming of a talent worthy of applause and we hope Brynn dazzles us even more in the near future.

actress brynn baron portland film festival 2017

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