TV Vixens To Crave – 2nd November 2017

Beth Lacke in “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”

actress beth lacke kevin probably saves the world

– Lovable and full of grace, Beth Lacke has illuminated the small screen in shows such as “Frequency” and “Black-ish” and this week, she guest-stars as down on her luck mom Emily Owens in “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”.
– Her character might have started on the wrong foot with Jason Ritter’s Kevin but we soon see them bonding as he offers more than a helping hand. Beth depicted all the virtues of a loving mother with an emotional centre.
– Touching once more on the theme of family in her new feature “Hope Springs Eternal”, watch her as the mother of an 18 year old girl who finds herself in remission from end-stage cancer which changes her whole perspective.

Susie Abromeit in “Legends Of Tomorrow”

actress susie abromeit legends of tomorrow

– If ever there was a screen darling on television, then it would be the stunning Susie Abromeit who is appearing in the latest episode of “Legends Of Tomorrow” in the pivotal role of Ray Palmer’s over anxious mother.
– Her performance is one of 2 shades, first as the maternal figure who can’t seem to fathom her son’s habits and the second as the alien Dominator in disguise where Susie got to tease it up as a seductress.
– Susie is notable for appearing in the hit series “Jessica Jones” and “Chicago Med” with her recent turn being in the TV movie “Sometimes The Good Kill”. where she starred as a nun who is embroiled in a murder mystery.

Glynis Davies & Jennifer Copping in “Travelers”

actress glynis davies travelers
actress jennifer copping travelers

– 2017 is the year when Canadian talents are passionately revered on TV and the sci-fi show “Travelers” is this week graced by the glowing duo of Glynis Davies and Jennifer Coping who join starlet Mackenzie Porter.
– Glynis is thoroughly dynamic as Jacqueline Peele, a stickler of a social worker who in this 2nd Season softens her initially tough stance in the on-going custody case of the son of Nesta Cooper’s Carly Shannon.
– The consummate entertainer Jennifer guest stars as Sylvie Ward, the wife of a Traveler called Jacob Ward who is contacted by Eric McCormack’s Agent Grant MacLaren regarding the whereabouts of her missing husband.

Summera Howell in “American Horror Story: Cult”

actress csummera howell american horror story cult

– Steadily establishing herself as an indie sweetheart on the festival circuit in films such as “Avowed” and “Blue Line Station”, Summera Howell can be seen on “American Horror Story: Cult” with Evan Peters and Billie Lourd.
– She plays one of the victims of the sadistic pastor Charles (Rick Springfield) who is tortured in a sinister looking place called Judgement House in a flashback scene of Kai (Evan) and Winter (Billie).
– Many viewers would have also caught sight of the radiant Summera in supporting roles recently on the final season of “Teen Wolf” as well as the bizarre comedic horror series “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories”.

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