AFM 2017 Spotlight: The Women of Con Man

November is going to be a busy period with a swath of film festivals to keep audiences riveted and the film “Con Man” promises to be an exciting one. Screening at this year’s AFM, it has Mark Hamill who will return in the highly anticipated “The Last Jedi” and a bevy of elegant actresses. “Con Man” focuses on the smooth criminal that is disgraced CEO Barry Minkow (Justin Baldoni), infamous for lying and conniving his way to the top. The legendary Mark Hamill plays his dad and Elisabeth Rohm stars as his wife Lisa who are both joined by lovely actresses Nicole Travolta and Anastacia Macpherson.

Nicole Travolta

actress nicole travolta con man afm 2017

It’s a blessing to be in contact with Nicole Travolta who is forging her own path to success. We know her as being part of Hollywood royalty which Nicole being the niece of the acclaimed actor John Travolta. Abundantly gracious, she’s potently easy on the eyes and is known for her ebullient work on TV shows such as “The Middle” and “Anger Management”. Now we get to see this most endearing sweetheart on the big screen in “Con Man”. Having enchanted us in the horror flick “House Of Dust”, she’s slated to return to the genre with enchanting vivacity in the upcoming cheerleaders slasher flick “The Pom Pom Massacre”.

Anastacia McPherson

actress anastacia mcpherson con man afm 2017

The enigmatic Anastacia McPherson burst onto the indie genre with her fetching performance in “Eveleigh” as Amber, a troubled woman who encounters a lively girl Eveleigh. She then went on to guest-star on TV shows such as “Roadies” and “House Of Lies” alongside Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle and Ben Schwartz, her stint on the popular show being one of sensual enlightenment. She’s also known for her stirring work on the cult web series “Destroy The Alpha Gammas” where she’s quite the mean girl as the sorority head who has a bone to pick with anyone she dislikes. Now watch Anastacia bring her enticing flair to the drama “Con Man”.

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