Portland Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Corina Calderon

actress corina calderon portland film festival 2017

Screen Goddess Corina Calderon is primed to be a global sizzler and she’s ready to turn heads at this year’s Portland Film Festival. She stars in “Khali The Killer” as Cori, the love interest of Richard Cabral’s titular hitman Khali who reneges on the hits he’s been assigned to due to his sympathetic nature. While we can fathom them being the epitome of Bonnie And Clyde, will their romance end in a tragedy or are they meant to be? Corina is notable for her appearance in “Suicide Squad” as Grace, the wife of El Diablo and she represents the more humanistic facets in a world of meta-humans and supernatural beings. She’s already joined the likes of Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson as Latin female figures in the on-going superheroes film adaptations.

actress corina calderon portland film festival 2017

It was actually David Ayer who roped her into “Suicide Squad” having been thoroughly impressed with their collaboration on the film “End of Watch”. Corina has also made a riveting impression on the small screen in her recurring role as the battered wife Teresa Ramos on “Murder In The First”. As a film festival darling, she wowed the Sundance Film Festival in her film “All She Can” as Luz Garcia, a dreamer who hopes a college scholarship for winning a state powerlifting championship brings her success. Blessed with an undeniable sex appeal, Corina has delved into the gritty side of life onscreen showcasing her propensity to shine in physically demanding roles. We’re in sheer admiration for Corina and this luscious lady is definitely going places!

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