Screen Sweethearts To Crave @ Studio City Film Festival 2017

Tess Niedermeyer in “Reverie”

actress tess niedermeyer reverie studio city film festival 2017

– A most promising indie starlet, Tess Niedermeyer is making inroads into our hearts on both the dramatic and comedic front. Her radiant appeal and soft, feminine features will be the cornerstone of our affection.
– She’s a enchanting vision in the dramatic short “Reverie” as Bella Hamilton who has a flourishing connection with an Asian actor Ali Sharif ( Leo Malik ), one who gives up on his dreams due to racial discrimination in his past.
– Her other features “Megan’s Shift”, “Poor Boy” ( which screened at TriBeCa ) and “Highway To Havasu” have made a wonderful impression whilst on the festival rounds ensuring her adore-worthy status.

Sarah Nicklin in “Escape The Dark”

actress sarah nicklin escape the dark studio city film festival 2017

– When it comes to independent horror, we all have our screen heroines and Sarah Nicklin certainly ranks as one of the finest with her intriguing turns in cult films such as “Nun Of That” and “The Disco Exorcist”.
– Watch her latest incarnation in “Escape The Dark” where the psychological and supernatural converge as we see two sets of roommates experiencing mysterious events that shake their very being.
– With Sarah’s penchant for delving into tropes that have a refreshing spin or an age-old story re-imagined, she’s shaping the core of a multitude of films. Do check her out in “The Basement” which is on the festival circuit.

Lucy Walters in “Tiny Mammals”

actress lucy walters tiny mammals studio city film festival 2017

– Lucy Walters is a perennial favourite who has dazzled this blog for many a year. She’s notable for playing the anti-hero Holly Weaver on “Power” and recently appeared on “Get Shorty” as Katie, the ex-wife of a hitman.
– In this era of “The Walking Dead”, she proved to be a most enthralling watch as the grizzled zombie apocalypse survivor who forges her own daring path in a ravaged new world in the must-see “Here Alone”.
– She returns to her enthralling best in the fantasy short “Tiny Mammals” as Carol, the mother of twins Sophia and Jacob whose lives are about to get more harrowing as their trailer park home is threatened by a storm.

Maya Stojan in “The Split”

actress maya stojan the split studio city film festival 2017

– In similar fashion, the stunning Maya Stojan is very much adored on this blog and with fans of the series “Agents Of Shield” in her alluring turn as the villainous Kara Lynn Palamas who has a volatile, unstable streak.
– She was also a series regular on “Castle” as tech guru Tory Ellis who aids Nathan Fillion’s Richard Castle and Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett. Whether she’s playing good or bad on the small screen, Maya’s an enchantress!
– In the comedic short “The Split”, she’s once more the apple of our eyes when she stars as Aviva, the all too perfect girlfriend of a man whose ex-girlfriend Harper (Ketryn Porter) gets a serious case of the green eye.

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