Kate Hodge

actress kate hodge beach rats

When it comes to admiring the perennial enchanters of film and TV, the very lovely Kate Hodge springs to mind. She stars in the sombre drama “Beach Rats” which has screened at Sundance and sees her at her most eminence as Donna, the dishevelled yet loving mother of a carefree young man Frankie. Fleshing out the emotional burden of her character, Kate shines as the woman who is straining under the weight of the world and is barely able to be concerned at her son’s promiscuous and drug-addled lifestyle. With the recent release of “Beach Rats” on DVD and Blu-Ray, it’s a must to watch this imagery-filled film that explores identity in a world largely undiscovered as well as Kate’s spot-on evocative performance.

In resonating fashion, it was her turn as the lycan Randi Wallace of the cult 90s TV series “She Wolf Of London” that kept me hooked on TV shows till now. At that time, she was already showcasing her finesse onscreen with her tortured portrayal of the college student turned supernatural sleuth who transforms during each full moon. Get Kate on a season of “Supernatural” I say! Meanwhile we can reminisce at Kate in the very first episode (above). Furthermore she went on to guest-star “Silk Stalkings” and these were shows I watched religiously growing up. Some of her appearances on the small screen include “The Good Wife”, “Elementary” and “Chicago P.D.” just last year where she played quite the bitchy mom of a daughter whose baby is found in a duffel bag. Her performances tinged with multifarious captivation through the years has made me a huge fan of her as many around the world will similarly attest to her standing.

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