Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 11 November 2017

Katrina Begin in “Second Chance Christmas”

actress katrina begin second chance christmas

– Christmas might be more than a month away but the season is quickly becoming festive with the release of “Second Chance Christmas” starring Katrina Begin who is a most endearing romantic leading lady.
– Katrina is a genuinely enchanting vision as Caroline, a woman whose marriage is on the rocks until an accident on the way to file divorce papers changes her life for the better as she copes with being an amnesiac.
– Be sure to keep your adoring eyes on her in an upcoming episode of the hit series “Good Behaviour” starring the sultry Michelle Dockery of course. The question is whether Katrina plays a sweetheart or a siren!

Nicole Elliott in “Amanda & Jack Go Glamping”

actress nicole elliott Amanda & Jack Go Glamping austin film festival 2017

– Seeing how Nicole Elliott is dazzling the big screen with another favourite actress of mine Amy Acker in the amusing comedy “”Amanda & Jack Go Glamping”, she could soon be feted as an indie darling.
– She stars as Jamie who with her husband are an oddball couple imposing themselves onto the supposedly idyllic getaway that the troubled couple Amanda (Acker) and Jack (Arquette) are partaking in Greenacres.
– The talented Nicole has already been part of a number of films that have an unconventional edge such as in the angsty teen comedy “Lars The Emo Kid” where she received effusive praise from the director.

Natalie Roy in “Blindspot”

actress natalie roy blindspot

– One of the most affable talents on the planet, Natalie Roy has the undeniably luminous features that have graced indie films as well as television in shows such as “The Detour” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.
– This week, she shows her feisty side on “Blindspot” as Courtney, a no-nonsense lawyer of a high-powered Wall Street guy accused of multiple crimes as she reveals he’s a victim of the hackers collective known as 3 Blind Mice.
– Natalie is a force of nature alongside Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander so it has certainly whet our desire to see in more dramatic turns. Her juicy role on the praiseworthy TV Pilot “East” would come to mind.

Lilan Bowden in “Andi Mack”

actress lilan bowden andi mack

– On the Disney series “Andi Mack”, the reveal that her character Bex is Andi’s mom and not her sister has certainly made for interesting drama and Lilan Bowden has essayed a flawed persona with glowing authenticity,
– Tackling real-life issues pertaining to tweens has been the draw of the show “Andi Mack” and the cast is well merited for its success. In Season 2 which is one of transition expect Lilan be the driver of an evolving familial story.
– If 2017 is the year where she’s very much at the centre of addictive TV, 2018 promises to be one where Lilan flexes her comedic chops in 2 upcoming films “The Odd Essay” and “Corpse Tub” opposite Sam Huntington and Kate Micucci.

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