TV Vixens To Crave – 17 November 2017

Eliza Coupe in “Future Man”

actress eliza coupe future man

– The Future is Indeed Woman with the luscious Eliza Coupe kicking ass on the sci-fi Hulu show “Future Man” as Tiger, the video game character who travels into the real world with her colleague Wolf (Derek Wilson).
– Starring alongside Josh Hutcherson who plays Josh Futterman, the person she views as a saviour, Eliza injects wry humour and sass on “Future Man” where she’s drawn comparisons to Terminator’s Sarah Connor.
– If there’s a sci-fi vixen for fanboys to form a burgeoning adulation then falling at the feet of the stunning Eliza Coupe should be in the now! With her flawless talents as a comedienne, she’ll enliven all of our lives.

Kristen Gutoskie in “Lethal Weapon”

actress kristen gutoskie lethal weapon

– Recurring roles on shows such as “Containment”, “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” has elevated the gorgeous Kristen Gutoskie to be one of the most cherished actresses of the small screen.
– Her recent turn on “Lethal Weapon” sees her as Molly Hendricks, a woman with ties to Murtaugh’s past as she’s the girlfriend of Jake Voss, a man who covered up for Murtaugh in the incident where his dad was killed.
– Kristen has already enchanted us as heart-warming women who are at times caught up in intense situations onscreen. With her effusive luminosity, she’s a sweetheart viewers will find irresistible.

Doris Morgado in “Criminal Minds”

actress doris morgado criminal minds

– After eye-catching appearances on “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Chicago Med”, the alluring Doris Morgado delves into a villainous guest-starring role on “Criminal Minds” that’s tragic as it is chillingly scary with loads of bite.
– In one of her most stirring performances to date, Doris embodies the damaged psyche of Desi Gutierrez, the unsub with extreme body modification who was subjected to abuse that pushed her over the edge.
– Whether she’s playing bad or good, Doris is consistently on point when it comes when called upon for the more vulnerable scenes which has seen her worked with Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta and Dwayne Johnson.

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