Williamsburg Indie Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Lydia Fiore

actress lydia fiore swiped right

Her’s is a name that will be adored with gushing affection on the festival circuit with Lydia Fiore being such a radiant leading lady of the romantic comedy short “Swiped Right”. Screening at this year’s Williamsburg Indie Film Fest, her accomplished talents as a producer of “Swiped Right” ensures the spotlight has to be shone on the wonderful Lydia. Her take on finding love online in our forties is refreshingly relevant and having resonated with audiences, “Swiped Right” went on to amass multiple merits including Best New Jersey Comedy from The Brightside Film Festival, Honorable Mention from The New Jersey Film Festival, The Award of Merit Special Mention for Best Short and Women Filmmakers from The Best Short Competition and was nominated for the Audience Choice Award at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Lydia herself was honoured with Best Actress in a Short from The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and The Award of Merit Special Mention from The Best Shorts Competition, proving she’s an indie actress to cherish.

actress lydia fiore williamsburg indie film festival 2017

Here’s the gracious Lydia revealing more about her film “Swiped Right” and her numerous other endeavours across various mediums:

I starred and produced 2 short films – High Deny and Swiped Right. Both films were developed from my original ideas and scripts. I currently have three different mediums in play. I am starring in the web series Lorraine Russo’s Family Diaries on youtube , am performing in the theater show Housewives of Secaucus at the Broadway Comedy Club every Saturday till December 18th and our film Swiped Right which I play the lead actress is having a very successful run on the festival circuit. Swiped Right is screening at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival on Friday November 17th at 845pm-1030pm.

Searching for passion in middle age does still have its exciting, at times complicated moments attached and Lydia’s portrayal as Ava reveals she’s a woman with desires as well as flaws. More than ever accurate representation of women on film is important and I believe “Swiped Right” has been true in this spirit. Kudos to the amazing auteurs Lydia and her creative partner Dana Marisa Schoenfeld. Everyone will no doubt be looking forward to seeing what else Lydia has in store in the coming months.

Do visit the Lydia Fiore Official Site for all the latest updates.

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