The Sizzling Women On Netflix

Kelli Barrett in “The Punisher”

actress kelli barrett the punisher

– The age of heroes is most certainly here and with the release of “The Punisher” on Netflix, we get to see how Frank Castle became the anti-hero vigilante with the beautiful Kelli Barrett starring as his wife Maria Castle.
– The backstory of Maria is a tragic one and it is through her that we realise the immense hurt that shaped The Punisher’s evolution. As Maria, Kelli is as always glowing, being the cornerstone of Frank’s threadbare humanity.
– Whilst Kelli has guest-starred on some of the biggest shows on TV such as “The Blacklist: Redemption” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, it would be so awesome if she graced another superhero franchise.

Peyton McDavitt in “Longmire”

actress peyton mcdavitt longmire

– “Longmire” is in its Final Season and there’s never been a better time to catch the delectable Peyton McDavitt in the gritty crime drama. This cherubic actress has all the traits of a screen darling we’ve come to hold dear.
– In the premiere episode, she guest-stars as Jenna who recounts her forlorn tale of loss alongside Katee Sackhoff’s Victoria “Vic” Moretti at a group therapy session, a scene that’s bound to move viewers.
– In what is one of many heavy scenes in Season 6, Peyton admirably depicted the traumatic experience of her character. She has also previously appeared in the tug at your heartstrings drama series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Rebecca Liddiard in “Alias Grace”, “Slasher” and “Frankie Drake Mysteries”

actress rebecca liddiard alias grace slasher frankie drake mysteries

– She’s most certainly hot property and Canadian sensation Rebecca Liddiard amazes us with treble the impact as she has meaty recurring roles in 2 new shows as well as 1 which in its sophomore season.
– Rebecca continues to embody smart at times adventurous women and her evergreen looks allows her to play a variety women from different eras such as the altruistic Mary Whitney from the 1800s on “Alias Grace”.
– She’s following that up as Mary Shaw, a spirited Morality Officer in 1900 Toronto on “Frankie Drake Mysteries” and as the deceptive protagonist Andi Criss on the 2nd Season of “Slasher”. Rebecca’s on fire in a big way!

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