Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 21 November 2017

Mikaela Hoover in “Lucifer”

actress mikaela hoover lucifer

– Our addiction to the TV screen just shot up in abundance this week with the sizzling Mikaela Hoover heating up the latest episode of “Lucifer” in an enticing guest-star role alongside Tom Ellis and Lauren German.
– She plays Esther, the selfie-obsessed, ditzy room-mate of a murder victim who is revealed to be keeping up appearances of her picture perfect beauty. Mikaela certainly provided some of the best rib-tickling humour.
– We already know her as a Sex Symbol and now Mikaela is dazzling her way into hearts with comedic verve having been on shows such as “2 Broke Girls” and “The Guest Book”. She’s indeed a luscious delight!

Heather Olt in “Marvel’s Runaways”

actress heather olt marvel's runaways

– Hulu is riding the wave of complex, superhero sagas with the release of “Marvel’s Runaways” and it’s the opportune time to highlight the radiant Heather Olt who has a recurring role om this new comic book adaptation.
– Heather plays Frances, a member of the Church of Gibborim, a cult-like movement headed by Leslie Dean (Annie Wersching), the mother of Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) who are actually Majesdanian alien invaders.
– She’s already graced the red carpet at the recent premiere of “Marvel’s Runaways” and with her recent appearances on “American Horror Story: Cult” as well as “Jane The Virgin”, Heather is indeed on a sparkling uptick.

Elena Hurst in “Pottersville”

actress elena hurst pottersville

– The ravishing Elena hurst is indeed going to be thrusted into the spotlight with her juicy role opposite Michael Shannon, Christina Hendricks, Judy Greer and Ian Mcshane in the entertaining comedy “Pottersville”.
– Catch the vivacious Elena as Stacy Gutierrez, a news reporter who gives regular updates on the BigFoot sighting which is an elaborate ruse by businessman Maynard (Shannon) wearing a Gorilla costume.
– Enchanting in both dramatic and comedic genres, we’ve already seen Elena catch the eye on “Homeland” and “The Blacklist” as well as the dramatic horror short “The End Of Mara” which screened at Hollyshorts in 2016.

Iris Bahr in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

actress iris bahr curb your enthusiasm

– Talented comedienne Iris Bahr is back on the newest season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as Rachel Heinemann who recounts her ski trip with Larry David where they remonstrate over the Jewish law of “Shekiat hachama”
– To refresh your memory, in what was an awkwardly funny scene as Rachel, being trapped on a ski-lift with Larry actually made her uncomfortable as a single woman cannot be alone with a married man after sundown.
– Wonderfully conversant in improv which Iris has done plenty of on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as well as her web series “Svetlana”, she’s a whiz at playing some of the most outlandish women ever across multiple mediums.

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