The Women Of 37 Problems The Webseries

With Netflix and Hulu going head to head with their plethora of digital shows, it’s time to head over to Amazon for the entertaining web series “37 Problems”. Created and starring award-winning filmmaker and playwright Lisa Ebersole who plays a down and out screenwriter who finds out she has only 1 egg left. In a desperate state, she’s left with the conundrum of finding a guy whilst freezing her egg or just let it be to experience a life much different. Supported by an eclectic cast of Stephanie Sanditz, Catherine Carlen and Lara Everly, “37 Problems” tries to explores the dynamic involving different sides on the worldview of the travails of the modern era woman.

Stephanie Sanditz

actress stephanie sanditz 37 problems

As the self-absorbed September on “37 Problems”, Stephanie nail the haughty facets of the smug best friend of Lisa Ebersole’s Amanda with glee. As you will discover, Stephanie is a natural at comedy and has her share of scene-stealing moments. With her stunning curves and radiant beauty, she’s putting the sexy in all things funny. She’s also a screenwriter and producer which puts her on a pedestal of multi-faceted actresses to covet. Having wrote and produced a young-adult show for DreamWorks’ AwesomenessTV called “Chat. Like. Love.”, Stephanie is at the forefront of female-drive comedy that is of significant relevance to both sexes.

Catherine Carlen

actress catherine carlen 37 problems

Catherine Carlen is in her element as Diane, the rather randy mother of Amanda who has clashing ideals when it comes to having a baby. While Diane is certainly living life to the fullest with a hot toy boy in tow, she can’t reconcile with the fact that her daughter doesn’t know what to do with her life. There’s almost narcissistic projection that Diane weighs on Amanda setting up conflicts which most if not all mother-daughters in reality encounter. Catherine adds that saucy, free-spirited touch to “37 Problems” and with her upcoming role alongside Amy Adams of Justice League fame on the mystery drama series “Sharp Objects”, she’s ready to sizzle!

Lara Everly

actress lara everly 37 problems

Every bit the sweetheart, Lara Everly is an established actress, director and writer who recently guest-starred on the popular series “American Housewife”. On “37 Problems”, she appears as Nurse Belinda who works at an egg freezing clinic visited by the eager Amanda. Her enthusiasm becomes a tad deflated when her experience with candidly forthright Nurse Belinda head south. Their interaction is peppered with sardonic humour as Amanda starts to question the authenticity of the clinic and Lara’s performance is tinged with wry humour. Her background in sitcoms, sketch shows as well as content of the chucklesome kind ensures Lara’s a gem.

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