Whistler Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Katie Boland

actress mikaela hoover lucifer

As this year’s Whistler Film Festival which begins this week, it’s time to heap praise on the radiant Katie Boland who stars in 3 features of note. First up, she stars alongside Sarah Gadon of “Alias Grace” frame in the intriguing short “Lolz-ita”. Katie follows that up with leading roles in a pair of thrillers namely “Never Saw It Coming” and “Cardinals”. While Meghan Markle will soon be a princess in the UK, there’s one screen princess in the great country of Canada the world is already coveting and Katie is primed to enchant festival-goers. Katie’s body of work is eclectic and she’s thoroughly mesmerising in her various onscreen incarnations over the years. In “Lolz-ita” which she also wrote and directed, Katie challenges our perception of Instagram celebrity in a satire that’s sure to provoke discussion.

In “Cardinals”, she plays Eleanor who together with her sisters welcome home their mother who has been released from prison after a drunk driving incident that caused her neighbour’s death. Expect their reunion to descend into darkness as some things can never be forgotten. “Never Saw It Coming” which is based on a best-selling book by acclaimed author Linwood Barclay will see her as Melissa, the daughter of Eric Robert’s Wendell Garfield who are both targeted by fake psychic Keisha Ceylon (Emily Hampshire). Keisha has a penchant for fleecing money off troubled families but she bites off more than she can chew with the Garfield father and daughter duo. “Never Saw It Coming” is directed by Katie’s mum Gail Harvey.

The richness of the characters Katie essays showcases her eloquent versatility and her flair for channeling vulnerability is deserving of accolades. Expect Katie to add even more awards to the ones she’s already garnered as this Canadian Superstar is on an enthralling run.

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