The Women Of The TV Series “Gone”

“Gone” is a procedural drama series from NBCUniversal International Studios that has a strong female lead in the shape of Kit “Kick” Lannigan played by Leven Rambin. Herself a survivor of an abduction case, she is recruited by Frank Booth (Chris Noth) to join a special task force dedicated to solving cases of missing persons. Episodes 2 and 3 sees Leven’s Kit in the throes of thrilling storylines where she’s joined by sweethearts Katie Carpenter and Rachel McKeon who guest-star.

Katie Carpenter

actress katie carpenter gone

Notable for her work in indie slasher “All Girls Weekend” as well as the entertaining web series “Maid To Order”, Katie Carpenter is a delectable talent across multiple genres. In what were emotional scenes on “Gone”, she plays Jenna Tucker, a young woman who is kidnapped after using a ride sharing app but the motive of the perpetrator is borne of a tragic backstory.

Here’s Katie talking about her experience working on the suspense-filled episode:

I auditioned virtually and also had a virtual callback. We shot in Pittsburgh which is a very cool city! The director, John, was very friendly. My scenes outside were VERY cold, it was raining and I was zip-tied. I was also supposed to film bouncing around in the trunk of the car, but they opted to just shoot the opening of the trunk instead, which I was thankful for. The cast was all very sweet and supportive, especially given the emotional content! I had about 3 scenes of crying in a row so I was definitely beat afterwards, but I wanted to be sure I did the character and the story justice.

Rachel McKeon

actress rachel mckeon gone

Rachel appears as Lily Andover on “Gone”, a woman who is soon discovered to have changed her identity in order to escape an abusive relationship. She is also slated to have a supporting role in one of my favourite superhero show “Jessica Jones” and while Rachel is dazzling up the small screen, she’s known for being an indie darling. Dramatic features such as “Homemakers” and “The Story of Milo & Annie” were the springboard for her luminous emergence in independent cinema.

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