Whistler Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Unintentional Mother

If ever there was a year that the finest Canadian talents enchant the world then Mary Galloway and Andrea Stefancikova would be held in high regard in 2017. This accomplished duo are the leading ladies of “Unintentional Mother” which is set to be one of the compelling shorts at this year’s Whistler Film Festival. “Unintentional Mother” will tug at your heartstrings as much as it will enrich us with stories reflecting the complex lives of aboriginals.

Mary Galloway

actress mary galloway unintentional mother

The magnetic Mary Galloway is the director, writer and star of “Unintentional Mother” which sees her as Anna, an aboriginal nanny during the 70s. Mary is a cert to captivate viewers as the woman who whilst believing in family values is struggling to choose between running from her abusive father or staying as a devoted nanny. When it comes to character driven roles, Mary has excelled every time as she mesmerised us in indie dramas such as “Fire Song” and “Never Steady, Never Still”. If ever there was a multi-faceted actress emerging with promising glow then Mary fits the bill and she’ll be a screen sweetheart for years to come.

Andrea Stefancikova

actress andrea stefancikova unintentional mother

It’s easy to fall at the feet of Andrea Stefancikova as this Bratislava-born Vancouver actress/model is a genuine stunner. Whether it’s independent films or television shows which we can’t seem to get enough of, this delectable blonde has a captivating presence. Andrea showed just how alluring she can be in her recent guest-star role on “The Arrangement” having also been thoroughly engaging in “Kidnapped in Romania” and the lesbian drama “Below Her Mouth”. Andrea shows her versatility as well as her radiant appeal in “Unintentional Mother” as Cynthia, the mom who hires Mary Galloway’s Anna to care for her son.

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