The Women Of The TV Series Major Crimes

With the never-ending revelations of sexual harassment from prominent figures, it’s apt that the show “Major Crimes” in its 100th episode delves into the quagmire of indecency. As the team gets closer to nailing the perpetrators of a heinous act of sexual assault and violence whose story arc evolved over 4 episodes, the one this week exacts an emotional toll with the news that Commander Sharon Raydor’s mortality is at the precipice. We are also introduced to 2 characters played by the luscious Daya Vaidya and Briana Lane who each have a stake in the on-going investigation.

Daya Vaidya

actress daya vaidya major crimes

Daya Vaidya definitely belongs in the pantheon of stunning women on TV and she exudes a sensual appeal in her guest-star role as Detective Linda Chavez. We soon discover she has quite a wild side to her having spent time with Detective Julio Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) in Vegas as their affair is awkwardly revealed to both Commander Sharon and Chief Mason. She would soon be called upon to assist them by bringing in a rape victim by the name of Makisha Selby. Daya undoubtedly channels a foxy at times flirtatious resonance on “Major Crimes” be it in a slinky dress or power suit and we’re already looking ahead to her return on Season 4 of “Bosch”.

Briana Lane

actress briana lane major crimes

Briana Lane is notable as a perennial enchantress of the small screen and she’s the centre of attention in more ways than one in her guest-starring role as Shelly Coyne. She’s a gorgeous Miss San Diego who in spite of her denials could well be yet another potential rape victim. Exhibiting rape trauma syndrome, Shelly does play hardball when it comes to becoming a potential witness in a trial. Briana threads the turmoil of her character with an impeccable direction that mirrors real world unrest of women who have been raped. After what is a dark depiction, Briana handles much lighter fare next year in the comedy series “Stuck In The Middle”.

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