Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 22 December 2017

Dawn Olivieri in “Bright”

actress dawn olivieri bright

– It’s not often we get to fawn over a bevy of stunning women in 1 feature and in the Netflix fantasy buddy cop thriller “Bright”, we will covet Dawn Olivieri who appears alongside fellow beauties Noomi Rapace and Lucy Fry.
– Catch her alongside Will Smith as his sassy onscreen wife Sherri Ward and she’s currently turning heads at the “Bright” premieres all around the globe most recently in Tokyo Japan where she’s been a red carpet Goddess!
– Dawn has consistently shone onscreen with stellar names including Don Cheadle as well as Kristen Bell on “House Of Lies” and Ian Somerhalder on “The Vampire Diaries”, establishing herself as a star in her own right.

Krystal Ellsworth in “Heartbeats”

actress krystal ellsworth heartbeats

– It looks like Brie Larson is not the only one making waves in a story rooted in India i.e. “Basmati Blues” as the equally luminous Krystal Ellsworth will be stealing numerous hearts with her film “Heartbeats”.
– Bound to connect with Bollywood fans, Krystal stars as American hip hop dancer Kelli Andrews whose trip to India awakens her love for a new dance style as well as the man who introduces it to her.
– That strikingly demure appeal of hers is most certainly hard to forget and we can’t wait to see this lovable brunette take on more romantic leading lady roles as she’s picture perfect across any medium.

Jules Hartley in “Fuller House”

actress jules hartley fuller house

– Having met Jules Hartley in person, I am in effusive praise of her innate glowing beauty and expect many to also fall in love with her with her recent comedic turns as several eccentric characters on television.
– This week, Jules dials her charms way down as she appears on “Fuller House” as Martha, a surrogate mother candidate for Jodie Sweetin’s Stephanie Tanner who might just be having a screw loose somewhere.
– She has already made us chuckle as the offbeat student Serendipity on “Black-lish” and do check her out in a pair of horror flicks namely the TV Movie “House Of The Witch and indie scare-fest “Spreading Darkness”.

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