Jessica Blackmore

actress jessica blackmore

Festive season is all about the gift of giving and likewise so is our effusive praise for the endearing Jessica Blackmore. Her vivacious verve is a sight to behold as is her affably magnetic personality. This week, she stars in the tension-filled TV Movie “Ex-Wife Killer” which has its fair share of twists so get ready for a Killer Christmas!

Here’s the gracious Jessica revealing more about her role and her experience working on “Ex-Wife Killer”:

The film I worked on, Ex-Wife Killer, was a lot of fun! I shot it here in LA over the course of a few days, playing Josie’s (played by Marguerite Moreau) best friend Hannah. Hannah is no nonsense and isn’t afraid to be mildly abrasive in her advice or manner, while remaining likeable and supportive. Throughout the film, Hannah plays Josie’s sound board when it comes to her ex husband and business choices.

The scenes that I shot were mostly with Marguerite, and she was such a lovely human being 🙂 I remember watching her in Mighty Ducks, as a kid, and just wishing I could have been on that set skating all day! Even though I’m a terrible ice skater… haha. “Ex-Wife Killer” premieres Christmas night at 8pm & 12am EST on Lifetime Movie Network, and has an encore showing on New Year’s Day! #deadlyresolutions I hope everyone enjoys the wild ride this movie takes you on!

actress jessica blackmore

One could say Jessica is steadily becoming a muse of Lifetime Movies seeing how she was the leading lady in the thriller “Wicked Mom’s Club” back in October. Her character Mandy endures quite a rollercoaster of emotions as she goes through all the highs and lows of life. Once welcomed in a circle of elite moms, her status is short-lived when she gets onto the bad side of power mum Olivia. Viewers would have also seen her as a feisty local ranger facing fearsome bull sharks in the creature feature “Dam Sharks”. With Jessica’s onscreen versatility coming to the fore, expect this Texan-born cutie to be an enthralling vision for years to come.

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