The Sizzling Women On Lucifer: Taylor Black

actress taylor black lucifer

That mole, those curves, they could only belong to the one and only Misty Canyons – Lucifer.

With that one memorable line on the TV series “Lucifer”, television is indeed off to a sizzling start in 2018 thanks to the luscious Taylor Black. She guest-stars as famed porn star Misty Canyons who is seek out by both Lucifer and his angelic brother Amenadiel when the latter’s necklace is stolen. She has ties to a murdered MMA fighter who was gunned down at the same street where the theft of Amenadiel’s precious gem occured. In a flashback episode of the account of how Lucifer lost his wings, Taylor most definitely heats up the screen and even gets to accentuate her character’s unexpected softer side in a scene where she reminisces about her deceased lover. It’s best we remember porn stars are human beings and they do have their emotional centre. Just as how Lucifer is a big fan of Misty Canyons, Taylor’s meteoric rise will be on the horizon as her legion of admirers multiply.

actress taylor black

Viewers have seen her bare her teeth as a Succubus on “Midnight, Texas” and she was quite the draw as a cute pop star in Korea on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. In Goddess-like fashion, Taylor is a face that’s primed for global addiction. She has also made headway on the indie scene as the director, writer and star of the romantic short “Helen Of Troy”. More reasons to follow her work as her next feature “A Rainy Day in New York” is a big one as she stars alongside luminaries such as Jude Law, Elle Fanning, Rebecca Hall, Selena Gomez and Liev Schreiber. Being a huge fan of “Lucifer”, Taylor is expected to reprise her Misty Canyons persona in a future episode which can only mean more adulation sessions in store. We can already start calling her one of the Sex Symbols of the modern era of TV.

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