TV Vixens To Crave – 5 January 2017

Charlene Amoia on “NCIS” & “Deadly Vows”

actress charlene amoia ncis deadly vows

– Gushing about the sweet nature of the lovely Charlene Amoia is a must and on the latest episode of “NCIS”, she guest stars as Denise Mancuso, an introverted woman who is a suspect in a murder case on a boat.
– In her words, she’s playing a mousy character with a tinge of rebellion and Charlene adeptly handles those contrasting facets with consummate ease as she’s done on both the big and small screen.
– Before we get to see her donning scrubs as Dr Kate Lachman on an upcoming episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, do catch her in the thriller “Deadly Vows” as a woman who has to save her brother from her murderous fiancee.

Parisa Fakhri on “Seal Team” & “Shameless”

actress parisa fakhri

– We’ve already seen her as Naima Perry, the glowing wife of Navy Seal team member Ray Perry on the action series “SEAL Team” and this time we get to see Parisa Fakhri in a very different light on “Shameless”.
– She appears alongside William H. Macy on “Shameless” as Fatemah, a burqa-clad woman who is trying to cross the border into the supposed haven of Canada with the help of the ever resourceful Frank (Macy).
– Dallas-born Iranian American talent Parisa is gracefully flying the flag of diversity on the small screen which is a cause for celebratory adulation. We can’t wait for her to be the lead of a future TV show.

Jenny Raven on “Black Mirror”

actress jenny raven black mirror

– The ever-growing cult status of anthology series “Black Mirror” in itself should warrant multiple viewings of the franchise and why not when the luminous Jenny Raven is starring in the episode Arkangel.
– In a cautionary tale of our over-dependence on technology, we see Jenny as Jasmine, a consultant of a new parental tracking tech who guides a fearful mom in using the app that keeps an eye on her daughter.
– Jenny is certainly making waves of television after her recent recurring role on “Designated Survivor” as well as appearing on “Shadowhunters: The Mortal” Instruments, “The Good Witch” and soon “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”.

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