Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 7 January 2017

Sepideh Moafi on “Falling Water”

actress sepideh moafi falling water

– With her undeniable glow, the comely Sepideh Moafi is steadily turning heads as she is set to do on Season 2 of “Falling Water”. Having enticed us on “The Deuce” recently, she’s a cert for worldwide fandom.
– She stars as Alex Simms, the dedicated homicide detective who takes up the challenge of working with Will Yun Lee’s Taka in spite of knowing he has an eccentric background in solving crimes.
– Their relationship is going to be put to the test when a serial killer emerges who uses a victim’s dreams to plant murderous intent. Ala Mulder and Scully, their skeptic-believer dynamic is most intriguing.

Hannah Barefoot & Briana Lane on TV Movie “Blood Sweat & Lies”

actress hannah barefoot blood sweat and lies
actress briana lane blood sweat and lies

– When you have goddesses in the form of Hannah Barefoot and Briana Lane in 1 movie, you are effusive in your admiration. Both sizzle in “Blood Sweat And Lies” and viewers won’t be able to take their eyes of them.
– Hannah plays Melissa whilst Briana plays Leslie, two best friends who soon discover that fitness goals can lead to a path of unwanted attention. All I can say that their luscious legs are scene stealers as are their talents.
– From shows such as “Good Girls Revolt, “The Librarians” and “NCIS” to features such as “Off The Rails” as well as the short “Incendio”, Hannah’s charismatic appeal has consistently been at its most bewitching.
– We can’t get enough of ravishing Briana Lane with her coming into our delectable view for several weeks. She’s already been eye-catching on “Major Crimes” and will do so once more on “Stuck In The Middle” come 19 Jan.

Rebekah Graf in “Lycan”

actress rebekah graf lycan

– Being a fan of werewolf movies, it’s fitting to fall at the feet of the stunning Rebekah Graf who stars in “Lycan” where she takes on the role of Blair Gordon, spoiled Southern Debutante who goes on a camping trip.
– This is no ordinary adventure as she comes face to face with the local Georgia legend of Emily Burt, the Talbot County werewolf. If you love Katharine Isabelle of “Ginger Snaps” fame, it’s time to get addicted to Rebekah.
– Having connected with her for a number of years, she’s a definite doll both on and off screen, a face deserving of enduring affection. Next up, catch her as Lana, a trophy wife in “#RealityHigh” a Netflix original film.

Madison McKinley in “Molly’s Game”

actress madison mckinley molly's game

– Molly’s Game is winning over audiences with its verve and electric energy buoyed by dynamic leading lady Jessica Chastain and likewise we fall at the feet of the sultry Madison McKinley who stars alongside her.
– Madison’s role as Shelby, an actress-model who helps out at Molly Bloom’s underground Hollywood poker games is of personal note having in reality been working as the real Bloom’s right-hand woman.
– No wonder Mode Magazine praises her for having a true stage presence and we fondly agree! Her upcoming comedy “Hollyweed” will see her rub shoulders with Kevin Smith, Adam Brody and Kristin Bauer van Straten.

Katrina Bowden in “Love On The Slopes”

actress sepideh moafi falling water

– With the release of her films “Monolith” recently on DVD as well as the Hallmark TV Movie “Love On The Slopes”, Katrina Bowden is making us swoon at every turn as this Sex Symbol graces screens everywhere.
– It might be a Winter Fest Special on television yet Katrina turns up the heat as copy editor, Alex whose fear for extreme sports unknowingly leads her to fall in love on the snow-capped mountains.
– She’s also the epitome of the adage ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ as the creator of the Lifestyle Blog Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden where her passion for health and fitness comes to the fore and inspiring us all.

Maya Stojan in “Madtown”

actress maya stojan madtown

– If one is going to do a list of the most desirable women who have appeared on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”, the exquisite Maya Stojan who wowed us as the unstable Kara Lynn Palamas would have the global vote!
– She’s also dazzling it up on the indie scene having appeared in the TV Pilot “Madtown” where she plays a top lawyer and a slightly neurotic wife to a dog walker. Maya is endowed with an acting finesse that’s so magnetic.
– Her part-Asian heritage is to be adored (her mum is Sri Lankan) as is her affable personality. Coincidentally she is slated to appear with Katrina Bowden in the upcoming comedy “Senior Moment” starring William Shatner.

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