Macabre Faire Film Festival 2018 Spotlight: Chelsea Rendon

actress chelsea rendon murder in the woods

There’s no denying horror fans love a scare or two from the cabin in the woods subgenre and the indie slasher “Murder In The Woods” starring the luscious Chelsea Rendon will have us roundly thrilled. With a largely Latino cast, this is a horror flick that stands on its own as one that’s represented by rising stars of diverse ethnicity. Chelsea recently had a supporting role in the fantasy film “Bright” on Netflix starring Will Smith and this time she takes on the role of Chelsea alongside Danny Trejo. “Murder in the Woods” which has been nominated for a total of nine awards at the Macabre Fair Film festival will see Chelsea’s character Chelsea arriving at a mysterious cabin with her friends and stumbling upon dark secrets that could be their undoing.

actress chelsea rendon macabre faire film festival 2018

Expect the unexpected as Director Luis Iga promises us the horror tropes won’t just be run of the mill complete with screams at every turn. Chelsea also has another upcoming horror feature called “Vengeance” where a clique of South Central Los Angeles teens are haunted by the victim of a childhood prank. After the success of “Get Out”, the radiant Chelsea could soon find herself celebrated as a indie horror darling. With her also being a series regular on “Vida” a new show for Starz that premieres in May 2018, she’s very much in our adoring sights. Chelsea is also set to take the TV world by storm as Marisol, a complex young woman steeped in the ways of east side youth culture. Global affection is beckoning for the swoon-worthy Chelsea as she advances with enthralling verve across a swath of mediums.

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