TV Vixens To Crave – 15 January 2017

Kristina Reyes on “Blindspot”

actress kristina reyes blindspot

– Kristina Reyes has an important story arc in Season 3 of “Blindspot” in the recurring role of Avery, Jane Doe’s daughter and in the latest episode the revelations of her backstory have quite the emotional impact.
– In a stirring performance, Kristina depicts the fire within which mirrors the fortitude of her mother Jane ( Jaimie Alexander ) perfectly. It’s a bond of tragic circumstance that’ll keep us hooked on the show!
– We’ve already seen her as a delinquent on the series “Shades Of Blue” and there’s never been a better time than now to watch this versatile Hispanic-American actress blossom into a coveted Screen Siren.

Tammy Gillis in “Frozen In Love”

actress tammy gillis frozen in love

– One could say Tammy Gillis is making waves on the big and small screen as she enthrals audiences with her impeccable artistry in numerous roles, most recently on the SyFy supernatural chiller “Ghost Wars”.
– Every bit the sweetheart, she stars in the Hallmark TV Move “Frozen In Time” alongside Rachael Leigh Cook where she plays Erica, the manager of a hockey team who is having trouble keeping a handle on her rebellious ex.
– Her upcoming TV Series “Siren” which centres on the mermaid legend will fuel even more affection for this multi-award winning actress. The Über-talented Tammy is indeed on the cusp of being a superstar!

Stacey Oristano on “Shameless”

actress stacey oristano shameless

– The binge-worthy “Shameless” is one of the rare shows that manages to ace the transformation of the most beautiful women and the gorgeous Stacey Oristano herself goes all working class grimy this season.
– She has a recurring role as Trina, the wife of a worker who received an apology from Fiona (Emmy Rossum) after he injured himself working on her property but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as things get complicated fast!
– When it comes to unhinged female personas, Stacey has excelled in the skin of edgy women such as Mindy Riggins on “Friday Night Lights” as well as Truly Stone on “Bunheads” and we can’t wait for more.

Olivia Taylor Dudley on “The Magicians”

actress olivia taylor dudley the magicians

– While she is most certainly one of the sexiest women on this planet, the ravishing Olivia Taylor Dudley is indeed the centrepiece in our attraction for “The Magicians” as she returns as Alice in Season 3.
– Once an omnipotent niffin, Alice is reduced to being a powerless human and we’ll get to see Olivia in her most enchanting as she handles even more trials magical or otherwise that’s heading her path.
– It’s never an easy feat playing so many different incarnations of a leading character and Olivia has shone in every turn with such a luminous spark. Get ready to fawn over her at the many conventions in 2018.

Grace Bannon on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

actress grace bannon crazy ex-girlfriend

– Her effusive cuteness is just one of the reasons we love Grace Bannon who was eye-catching as ultra-conservative high-schooler Ruth in the popular series “The Middle”. She did more than put a smile on our faces.
– After appearances on “Kings Of Con” and the pilot “The Legend of Master Legend”, she’s back with comedic verve on television once more as a bitchy bride-to-be who creates a scene at a gay bar on “Crazy-Ex Girlfriend”.
– Look out for the adorable Grace in the upcoming series “Here And Now” which stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins that centres on a multi-racial family where dysfunction is taken to a whole new plane.

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