Aria Pullman

actress aria pullman deadly inn

Before we get a perturbing taste of “The Strangers 2: Prey at Night”, home invasion thriller “Deadly Inn” which stars the sultry Aria Pullman should have us on the edge of our seats. Aria stars as Beth, a woman with a questionable past who enters the lives of Robyn Flynn (Angie Patterson) and her daughter with shocking effect. Her ties to the Victorian house which has been turned into a bed and breakfast sees Beth and Robyn collide in what will be a destructive confrontation. This terror catfight is set to dominate our weekend on television! It’s so wonderful to have Aria gracing this blog as she appears alongside Angie and Aina Dumlao of “Macgyver” fame, both of whom have been prominently lauded right here.

actress aria pullman sizzling cutie

With Aria channeling the unstable psyche of Beth with deranged precision in “Deadly Inn”, viewers who follow Lifetime are in for a chilling experience. Beautiful women can be deadly especially one with an axe to grind! Being a huge fan and advocate of women in horror, I for one love Aria’s performance and can’t wait for her to sparkle in the beloved genre again. Certainly Aria’s beauty is overflowing which is apparent onscreen as well as her numerous print work as an established model. She’s also been on hit shows such as “Lucifer”, “Once Upon A Time” and “Jane The Virgin”. With the Sundance Film Festival happening this week, we might someday catch Aria’s name in an indie feature or two.

Do visit the Aria Pullman Official Site for all the latest updates.

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