The Women Of Altered Carbon: Lexi Atkins

actress lexi atkins altered carbon netflix

Yet another binge-worthy series such as “Altered Carbon” to pique our interest for the ravishing Lexi Atkins who guest-stars on this futuristic Netflix series. Set in a era where immortality is achieved by having our consciousness kept in spinal implants known as ‘stacks’ and transferable between bodies known as ‘sleeves’, viewers are in for a sensory trip. Lexi appears on Episode 9 entitled ‘Rage In Heaven’ which sees her as Belle, a young woman of tender age who is akin to a living pleasure doll of sorts, catering to the fantasies of men that run the gamut of perversion.

While Belle’s introduction is one bordering on sensuality seeing how she’s wearing a sheer dress when we first lay eyes on her, we soon quickly find the situation she’s in to be one everyone can empathise. We soon reconcile with the deviant behaviour that men can often impose on the innocent. The lurid sex and violence is certainly in keeping with the salaciousness of “Altered Carbon”. In fact the leading ladies which include Martha Higareda, Kristin Lehman and Dichen Lachman don’t shy away from nudity as their characters evolve in stature.

actress lexi atkins can't take it back

You may have spotted Lexi in a poignant episode of “Hawaii Five-0” last year and while she leaves her sizzling mark on “Altered Carbon”, audiences can also spot her in the horror flick “Can’t Take It Back”. She stars as Nicole, a student whose cyberbullying ways might just be the death of her. This beauty queen is steadily establishing herself as the apple of our eyes across multiple genres on both the big and small screen. With her immaculate looks and luminous personality, Lexi is knocking on the door of stardom and we can’t wait for more!

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