Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Queens World Film Festival 2018

Stacey Maltin & Alice Kremelberg in “Stronger Together”

actress stacey maltin stronger together queens world film festival 2018
actress alice kremelberg stronger together queens world film festival 2018

– The talented femmes of independent cinema are set to sizzle this week with Stacey Maltin and Alice Kremelberg being the magnetic proponents of the intriguing LGBTQ short film “Stronger Together”.
– In a year when women directors have captured the attention of the world, Director/Actress Stacey Maltin crafts a story of lusty murder and illuminates the screen as Mellie, an enthusiastic, liberal lesbian.
– As the conservative Lauren, Alice Kremelberg catches the eye playing the polar opposite of Stacey’s character and proceeds to inveigle both her body as well as her mind in 1 steamy night.

Connie Saltzman in “Out”

actress connie saltzman out queens world film festival 2018

– The vivacious Connie Saltzman stars as Devon, the girlfriend of a woman who brings her home to her traditionalist parents who also happen to be a tad racist, making the experience all the more embarrassing.
– She’s a glowing indie talent who is shining in multiple genres having come to the forefront with her lead role in the horror film “HoneyBee” back in 2016 and now in a similar vein, excelling in comedy.
– Connie has also worked with the great Robert DeNiro and had a recurring role as a woman with quite the weird persona on Season 2 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. We certainly want more of her on film and TV!

Heather Brittain O’Scanlon in “The Last Visit”

actress Heather Brittain O'Scanlon the last visit queens world film festival 2018

– When it comes to the festival circuit, Heather Brittain O’Scanlon is showing her mettle in a number of features as she goes from strength to strength as one of the most captivating faces of the indie scene.
– Heather’s poise is evident on screen which we have also seen her replicate on multiple red carpets and movie premieres. Her growing fanbase would certainly shower this indie enchantress with a wave of affection.
– Audiences will also be able to catch her in “The Waiting Room” at this year’s Queens World Film Fest. With 5 of her films being screened at this year’s Garden State Film Festival, she’s on an upward trajectory!

Debra Markowitz, Director of “The Waiting Room” & Jennifer Jiles, Actress of “The Waiting Room”

debra markowitz the waiting room queens world film festival 2018
jennifer jiles the waiting room queens world film festival 2018

– Kudos to esteemed multiple award-winning director Debra Markowitz for giving us a moving tale about love in the afterlife in the shape of the beautiful tale “The Waiting Room” which will stir a multitude of emotions.
– Likewise her leading lady Jennifer Jiles has in the past year dazzled us with both her impeccable acting and graceful beauty. Her impressiveness in depicting relatable women on film is indeed fuelling avid fascination.

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