Queens World Film Fest 2018 Spotlight: Freya Ravensbergen

actress freya ravensbergen fucking my way back home queens world film festival 2018

This week, our eyes gravitate towards Canadian indie actresses and Freya Ravensbergen is someone who we will come to adore as a screen sweetheart. She’s the leading lady of “Fucking My Way Back Home” with its depiction of the dangers sex workers face and sees her playing the beautiful escort Lydia. She’s in quite the pickle as over the course of one night we get to follow her story as she tries to raise cash to cover the arrears on her recently deceased mother’s mortgage. Ultimately she longs to be reunited with her child but first she has to find her way home. With that laudatory smile of hers, viewers should find an instant connection with Freya’s performance, one that touches on the need to decriminalise sex work. “Fucking My Way Back Home” will certainly provoke discussion despite the film being on a micro budget, a testament to the amazing cast and crew.

actress freya ravensbergen queens world film festival 2018

Freya is also the co-producer of “Fucking My Way Back Home” and she recently graced the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards alongside fellow Canadian actresses such as Mia Kirshner. Together with producer/director Aisling Chin-Yee and actress/author/activist Mia, Freya created the action campaign AFTERMETOO, partnering with the Canadian Women’s Foundation. It is a new fund to address the increase in demand on sexual violence support services across Canada. Her starring role in “A Brand New You” back in 2014 was praised as one of the films to watch. Freya has also appeared on a favourite show of mine “Covert Affairs”. This charming blue-eyed blonde is odds on to find success as she enchants us both behind and in front of the camera.

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