The Must Watch Indie Starlets @ Silicon Beach Film Fest 2018

Joanne Chew in “Three Chen Sisters

actress joanne chew silicon beach film festival 2018

– She’s already graced the opening night of the Silicon Beach Film Festival and the glowing Joanne Chew will be a name to adore as she is the embodiment of dedicated Asian American talents on the rise.
– Be enchanted by her luminosity in the web series “Three Chen Sisters” as she stars as Maggie, one of three sisters who are forging their own path in life whilst having to deal with their more traditionalistic mom.
– “Three Chen Sisters” and also a pilot Joanne shot last year “Destroy x Fire” are both going to be screening at this year’s IFS Festival in Los Angeles which means more instances for us to fawn over her.

Marah Fairclough in “Guys Are Such Prudes”

actress marah fairclough guys are such prudes silicon beach film festival 2018

– Photogenic on screen and on the red carpet with the effusive vivacity to put a smile on our faces, Marah Fairclough is the quintessential blonde beauty raring to make a splash in independent cinema.
– Don’t miss her in the comedic short “Guys Are Such Prudes” as she entices both our eyes and our funny bone where she stars as Sara, a woman who plays the dating game in not the most conventional way.
– Many I’m sure can’t wait for Marah to reprise her role as the prissy Sleeping Beauty with the power to induce sleep in the upcoming “Avengers Grimm: Time Wars”, the mockbuster sequel to “Avengers Grimm”.

Katy Foley in “The Spirit Room”

actress katy foley the spirit room silicon beach film festival 2018

– From indie horror to comedy and even a stint on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, the alluring Katy Foley is effervescent in her charm as she embodies the personalities on the indie scene we’ve come to love.
– She stars in the supernatural short “The Spirit Room” as Rachel who is the friend of a woman with a proclivity for superstition which causes her to imagine that her house is haunted by nefarious entities.
– Katy will also have a feature called “Alysa Searches” at the Artemis Film Festival this coming weekend which sees her as a stripper caught up in a violent path of a crazed woman searching for her sister.

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