Indie Darlings To Adore @ Bentonville Film Fest 2018

Jenna Laurenzo in “Lez Bomb”

actress jenna laurenzo lez bomb bentonville film festival 2018

– Hot on the heels of her indie gem “Girl Night Stand”, Jenna Laurenzo delivers yet another captivating tale about the struggles of revealing one’s sexual orientation with her new ensemble comedy “Lez Bomb”.
– As the leading lady Lauren, Jenna’s portrayal in “Lez Bomb” is one that’s grounded in reality with its themes of family, love and searching for happiness a cert to connect with audiences at this year’s Bentonville Film Fest.
– Taking on directing duties, Jenna is establishing herself as a creative talent on the rise. It’s only a matter of time before she reaches the heights achieved by fellow director Kay Cannon of “Blockers” fame.

Candice Michele Barley in “Urban Country”

actress candice michele barley urban country bentonville film festival 2018

– The Bentonville Film Festival most certainly loves the vivaciousness of Candice Michele Barley with her returning in the drama “Urban Country” after appearing in “Saved by Grace” two years back ago.
– She stars as Anna, the caring mother of Faith (Brighton Sharbino) who encourages her rebellious yet troubled teenage daughter to return to her country roots in Mississippi to learn the importance of family values.
– With her appearances being steeped in Western-themed stories, wouldn’t it be a logical progression to see the inviting Candice on a show such as “Westworld” if not this season, the seasons to follow.

Kelly Walker in “The Brownlist”

actress kelly walker the brownlist bentonville film festival 2018

– Kelly Walker is forging an array of successes in the arena of film and television and she’s both the creative vision as well as one of the players on her latest short film “The Brownlist” which should garner praise all round.
– Hailing from Australia, Kelly Walker is getting noticed for her glowing work as an actress and director with one of her most notable appearances being on the Tim Allen comedic TV series “Last Man Standing”.

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