TV Vixens To Crave – 10 May 2018

Chelsea Rendon on “Vida”

actress chelsea rendon vida

– Brilliantly displaying her fine acting finesse in the deliciously caustic persona of the fiery Mari in the new Starz series “Vida”, a wave of accolades are set to pour in for rising starlet Chelsea Rendon.
– One can smell the anger of the foul-mouthed Mari as she bears grudges towards Lyn (Melissa Barrera) and her sister Emma (Mishel Prada) in the premier episode, immortalising the words ‘White Tina Bitches’.
– With such an explosive verve in her portrayal on screen and representing a strong Latin American female character with stirring badassery, Chelsea is on course to be a much sought-after young talent.

Hannah Levien on “Colony”

actress hannah levien colony

– With high profile recurring roles on “The Magicians” and most recently the mermaid mythology series “Siren” on the SyFy channel, Hannah Levien is a burgeoning starlet who is going to be feted in the months ahead.
– No surprises to see her popping up on the 3rd Season of “Colony” as Claire, a mother of a young son who desires to go beyond the Wall which was erected by the alien Hosts. Her understated performance speaks volumes!
– Do look out for Hannah to sizzle the small screen again later this year as she will be guest-starring in an episode of the 4th Season of “Unreal” and she’ll very likely spice things up from the very first scene as Mistress Carver.

Malone Thomas on “The Originals”

actress malone thomas the originals

– With upcoming guest-star roles on “Ozark” and the new Marvel series “Cloak & Dagger”, it’s time the world start revering the always bewitching Malone Thomas who could well be the newest darling of TV Land.
– In keeping with her alluring beauty, it’s apt to see Malone appearing on “The Originals” as Colette, a gorgeous witch who is forced to perform a bounding ritual thanks to the influence from the spiteful Klaus.
– Known for her work on the cult indie horror classic “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf”, she’s making headway on the grander stage of television and will be regarded as one of the platform’s most stunning prospects.

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