Dances With Films 2018 Spotlight: Nichole Bagby

actress nichole bagby dances with films 2018

At one of my most favourite film festivals this year comes the horror comedy “Stay” which stars the glowing Nichole Bagby. She plays a satanist who together with her fellow occultists try to summon a demon with a blood sacrifice. Things don’t go as planned when love gets in the way of devilish machinations. Lauded as a standout short at the Fantastic Fest 2018, fans will get acquainted with Nichole’s spritely presence, a smooth channeller of all things indie be it in shades of horror or humour. Likewise, Nichole was wonderful in the dramedy “On The Rocks” as a wife whose relationship with her husband is as much awkward as it is tempestuous. As the needy Karen, she’s a hoot opposite Chase Fein who plays her hubby Dallas as the duo struggle with their bouts of anxiety. In the era of micro-budget film-making, “On The Rocks” is a super fun film with more than its fair share of funny moments.

actress nichole bagby stay

One could say Nichole does excel in the art of improv and Dances With Films is the perfect platform for us to get acquainted with her. Do also catch Nichole in “Garden Party Massacre” where she takes on an oft-kilter persona who is drawn into a madcap game of survival at a backyard gathering. We will certainly be waiting in the wings to see more of the lively Nichole.

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