Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2018

Aina Dumlao in “Diwa”

actress aina dumlao dances with films 2018 diwa

– Aina Dumlao is establishing herself as a face to watch with her riveting turns as crestfallen yet strong women in the indie genre having recently had recurring roles on “MacGyver” and “Ballers” alongside The Rock.
– She’s playing a multi-layered character once more in “Diwa”, starring as the titular immigrant woman whose precarious life is fraught with danger and ends up as a victim of the brutal cycle of life.
– Playing a nurse, Aina also recently made an appearance on the drama “Deadly Inn” which could well see her acquire more roles. She’s already in attendance at Dances With Films so be sure to check her out!

Michelle West in “End Trip”

actress michelle west dances with films 2018 end trip

– A horror flick that scares our wits by playing on our innate fears would be “End Trip” which sees an insane rideshare driver on a killing spree and has the stunning Michelle West producing and starring in.
– This former beauty queen is threading on terror territory which she’s already familiar with, having starred in films such as “Don’t Kill It”, “Mississippi River Sharks” and “Gothic Harvest” alongside Lin Shayne.
– With her palpable X-factor of being ravishingly photogenic and a multi-faceted talent, Michelle will soon be looked upon with admiration in light of her many achievements as an entertainer.

Dana Marisa Schoenfeld in “We The Prototypes”

actress dana marisa schoenfeld dances with films 2018 we the prototypes

– Fresh off winning Best Director at the Nice International Filmmakers Festival for “Sasha”, her short film that she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld is gaining prominence.
– “We The Prototypes”, the mockumentary about a synth-pop band that becomes famous thanks to a cat video sees her portraying sophistication amidst the irreverent yet colourful hilarity of the music industry.
– Her sultriness combined with her knack for comedy installs her as a face to adore especially since she’s garnered a number of awards. We can’t wait to see what else Dana will be cooking up in future.

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