Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2018 – Part 2

Nicole Coulon in “The Man From Another Dimension”

actress nicole coulon dances with films 2018 the man from another dimension

– Love stories from across the stars such as the beloved “Starman” have always fascinated us and “The Man From Another Dimension” starring the vivacious Nicole Coulon will make a sweet mark with audiences.
– As the romantic leading lady Rachel, Nicole beguiles the traveler from another dimension called Jeff and helps him navigate the complex world we know as Earth as he seeks to return to his dimension.
– Known for her work on “Fan Girl” alongside Kernan Shipka and Meg Ryan, Nicole’s personable charm lissomely makes its way into our hearts and ensures we’ll be clamouring for her for quite some time.

Sarah Deakins in “Yellow”

actress sarah deakins dances with films 2018 yellow

– The always entrancing Sarah might appear as a writer in “Yellow” but rest assured this Canadian Vixen is the creative visionary behind this enthralling relationship drama with her at the helm as director and writer.
– Kudos to her for assembling a talented cast which includes Ryan Robbins, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Kacey Rohl and Kyra Zagorsky who play strong women whose lives are intertwined with each other at a art gallery.
– Be sure to look out for Sarah in the upcoming action series “Jack Ryan” with “The Quiet Place” star John Krasinski and Abbie Cornish. It’s yet another medium for us to fall in love with her magnetism.

Anna Shields in “Death’s Door”

actress anna shields dances with films 2018 death's door

– Anna Shields is steadily making a splash in independent features having appeared with Rory Culkin in “The Song of Sway Lake” which sparkled on the film festival circuit and now the medical drama pilot “Death’s Door”.
– It’s great to see her alongside Enrico Colantoni of “Veronica Mars” fame which has always been in my list of favourite TV shows and on the screen, she has an endearing glow that leaves a captivating impression.
– We can also catch Anna in the horror flick “The Executioners” as Lori (Anna Shields), one of four women terrorised by a trio of intruders who crash what would have been a fun girl’s night out at a cabin by the lake.

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