Salem Murphy

actress salem murphy

Salem Murphy has already garnered an impressive run of appearances on hits shows such “Stranger Things”, “The Blacklist” as well as “Reckless” and now she’s fronting the character focused drama “Uzma The Greatest”. Set to be eye-catching, Salem’s performance as the colourful Uzma who is steadfast in her views which causes her to lock horns with her hubby.

Here’s Salem revealing more about her role:

My character is UZMA, in this short film. The writers and producers set out to show (without dialogue) how a mideast woman, unconventially approaches a solution after her husband quarrels with her and sets out on a trip to NY, for the first time, determined to solve the problem. She stands her ground, shows her husband he cannot scare her away. She is in it for better or worst, strong enough to love through the hardship and yet, still maintain her sense of self. She has a few antics along the way, too.

actress salem murphy uzma the greatest

The indie scene has been an amazing outlet for a multitude of female-driven stories such as “Uzma The Greatest” which is screening at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh in Dublin, Ireland . For us fans, we get to follow the work of actresses such as Salem who has an endearing poise to be fond of.

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