Badass Ladies Of Orange Is The New Black Season 6

The binge-fest is in full swing yet again with the return of the much adored series “Orange Is The New Black” now in its acclaimed 6th Season. We’ve grown fond of the Litchfield Penitentiary inmates whose lives have been unfolding before our eyes with vivid nuances. This season we see more upheavals as new characters are introduced, some with ruthless notoriety who will challenge the very fibre of each inmate’s story arc. The newbies on the block include Amanda Fuller, Christina Toth, Alice Kremelberg and Rebecca Henderson, joining regulars Jessica Pimentel as well as Emily Tarver on Season 6 so be ready for a new wave of the unexpected!

Amanda Fuller

actress amanda fuller orange is the new black season 6

Amanda stars as Badison, a take no prisoners inmate who puts the squeeze on Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and turns her world upside down. She’s literally the cellmate from hell and derives pleasure from bullying Piper. Her incomparable rudeness puts her in front as the new resident villainess and Amanda aced her tough tormentor Badison with gleeful brutality.

Christina Toth

actress christina toth orange is the new black season 6

We are introduced to Annalisa Damiva played by Christina in the first episode where she tries to rattle Dayanara Diaz (Dascha Polanco) while she’s at Max Security. Sporting an icy blonde attitude, Annalisa senses her minder Daddy (Vicci Martinez) might be recruiting. Kudos to Christina for adeptly potraying this druggie lesbian groupie who could proved to be trouble.

Alice Kremelberg

actress alice kremelberg orange is the new black season 6

Look out for Alice Kremelberg in Episode 3 as she plays Nicole Eckelcamp, an emotionally unhinged inmate who is much more dangerous than she looks. On episode 6, she goes mental in a scene you don’t want to miss. As Nicole reiterates ‘Welcome to your new normal, bitch!’ Watching the talented Alice taking on such a manic personality is enlivening.

Jessica Pimentel

actress jessica pimentel orange is the new black season 6

Jessica’s portrayal as Maria Ruiz continues to intrigue us on so many levels in light of her scene in the first episode where she’s forced to kiss Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva). Tied with handcuffs in the shower room no less while watched by voyeuristic guards! Maria also has a powerfully dramatic moment on Episode 11 which is a testament to Jessica’s indelible prowess as an actress.

Emily Tarver

actress emily tarver orange is the new black season 6

Emily returns as CO Artesian McCullough who certainly harbours resentment after the riot. McCullough is seemingly suffering from hyper PTSD that has led her to self harm and violent flare-ups with her vendetta on Maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) ensuring she might be central in their on-going feud! Emily caps off what is another fine run on the dramatic front.

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