TV Vixens To Crave – 29 Sep 2018

Lauren Robertson on “Sorry For Your Loss”

actress lauren robertson sorry for your loss

– Sharing a wealth of scenes, at times with an emotional depth with leading lady Elizabeth Olsen, Lauren Robertson is set to make a memorable impression in the heart-rending new drama series “Sorry For Your Loss”
– She stars as Becca Urwin, a woman who shares a tragic history with Elizabeth Olsen’s character Leigh Shaw and whilst Becca might border on being a tad overbearing, her personal demons are just as significant.
– The subject matter on “Sorry For Your Loss” can be heavy on the heart yet Lauren has also managed to add a comedic touch to Becca and ensures Lauren could well be a face to watch intently on the small screen.

Romi Dias on “9-1-1”

actress romi dias 9-1-1

– A fixture on television with appearances on shows such as “The Bridge”, “Seal Team” and “Lethal Weapon”, the accomplished Romi Dias is grace personified and has a vivacity that appeals to audiences.
– Do keep your eyes peeled for Romi as she has a recurring role on the new Season of “9-1-1” as Chief Miranda Williams who is introduced in the 2nd episode during a catastrophic earthquake in Los Angeles.
– Stories about female firefighters are certainly much needed and let’s hope her role is expanded even more in future episodes of “9-1-1”. Romi’s natural charms are due for admiration from all corners.

Paulina Galvez on “The Purge”

actress paulina galvez the purge

– “The Purge” has certainly become a phenomenon and now with its crossover into an episodic series, our eyes will be fixated on the myriad of complex characters including the maid Catalina played by Paulina Galvez.
– With her ability to leave us spellbound , the Chilean Spanish beauty that is Paulina leaves us wanting more with her mysterious role on “The Purge” as we still don’t know her motives after the first few episodes.
– Such is Paulina’s mystique which has seen her utilised with wondrous effect across drama, comedy, action, thriller as well as horror in both English and Spanish languages, she’s indeed a screen siren.

Carly Brooke on “The Good Cop”

actress carly brooke the good cop

– Her effusive sex appeal coupled with undeniably angelic features should warrant a deluge of admiration as Carly Brooke makes on both film and television which has seen her play Adam Driver’s girlfriend onscreen.
– Don’t miss her guest-star role on “The Good Cop” which sees the return of Tony Danza of “Who’s The Boss” fame where she’s a delectable delight as the stripper Jolene who could be the key to a perplexing case.
– Carly recently also had a supporting role in the indie comedy “Summertime” directed by Edward Burns which was received warmly at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and will star in “Stupid Happy” coming out next year.

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