The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2019

Alice Kremelberg in “Watch Room”

actress alice kremelberg hollyshorts film festival 2019 Watch Room

– Alice Kremelberg is on a meteoric rise on both film and TV what with her being a scene stealer on “Orange Is The New Black” as the erratic bipolar toughie Nicole Eckelcamp who has an impulsive streak.
– She returns to her indie roots in the mind bending sci-fi short “Watch Room” as Kate, a scientist whose AI invention Kate goes rogue and threatens her life as well as her fellow inventors.
– Audiences may recognize her cast mate Jacob Batalon who recently made us chuckle loudly on “Spider-man: Far From Home” and who knows the enigmatic Alice herself might one day join the MCU.

Emily Althaus in “June” and “The Dig”

actress emily althaus hollyshorts film festival 2019 June The Dig

– The stunning “ONITB” alum Emily Althaus has 2 features line up at this year’s HollyShorts and she’s all set to make a delightful impression as an actress who is captivating on camera no matter the genre.
– Once more its a sci-fi exploration of the short form as Emily’s first feature “June” about an unseen force plaguing a young couple in labour. It so happens she also appeared on the sci-fi hit “The Handmaid’s Tale” recently.
– Her second short film “The Dig” has shades of “Shallow Grave” as she serves up some brilliant dark comedy in the role of soon to be bride Joanie who enlists her brother in a scheme of grave proportions.

Maria Dizzia in “The Neighbour’s Window”

actress maria dizzia hollyshorts film festival 2019 the neigbour's window

– Such are her talents as a multi-dimensional actress, Maria Dizzia proves yet again she’s a big draw with her emotionally complex role in the must-see thriller “The Neigbour’s Window”.
– Embodying the facets of a frustrated mother as she previously did on “ONITB”, Maria plays Alli whose mundane life is stirred when she peers into the apartment of a free-spirited couple across the street.
– Do watch out for her in the upcoming drama series “The Undoing” alongside none other than Hugh Grant as well as Nicole Kidman which centers on a successful therapist in New York whose life is thrown into chaos.

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