Terror Hotties To Crave @ FrightFest 2019

Mhairi Calvey In “Patron”

actress mhairi calvey patron frightfest 2019

– What better than to have the stunning British actress Mhairi Calvey gracing this year’s FrightFest as the leading lady of the psychological short film “Patron” which is as moody as it is unpredictable.
– As Vickie Black in “Patron”, a London maid with far loftier ambitions, she manages to land an interview at a prestigious organization only to find that she might have bitten off more than she can chew.
– Don’t miss the enthralling Mhairi in the thriller “3 Lives” where she faces a different kind of horror playing a woman who gets rescued by a man and shockingly finding out that he was arrested for assaulting her years before.

Katelyn Pearce In “Porno”

actress katelyn pearce porno frightfest 2019

– Undoubtedly a Goddess, it’s fitting that Katelyn Pearce embodies a Succubus, notorious to most of us as Lilith in the horror comedy “Porno” that is considered to be buzzworthy at SXSW 2019.
– Whilst she’s trying to steal souls as the seductive she-demon Lilith onscreen, viewers will certainly be enraptured by one of the most bewitching performances in a horror movie this year.
– Katelyn is also an award-winning producer, having won accolades for her work on the addictive and funny female-centric web series “SO SOHA”, proving her myriad of talents span multiple mediums.

Hannah Levien in “The Hunting Season”

actress hannah levien hunting season frightfest 2019

– With her praiseworthy performances in the mermaid horror TV series “Siren” as Janine, the desirable girl with a heart of gold, it’s great to see the gorgeous Hannah Levien making waves in the genre.
– Eye-catching and enigmatic, this Aussie Vixen continues to steal many a heart, especially so in the fantasy short film “Hunting Season” which graced this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.
– Crafting yet again a relatable character in “Hunting Season” as Callie, a woman who is saddled by her fair share of baggage in life, we are set to be taken on a magical ride by the gifted Hannah.

Elissa Dowling in “Girl On The Third Floor”

actress elissa dowling girl on the third floor frightfest 2019

– We are perpetually hooked on the haunted house sub-genre and the strong entry “Girl On The Third Floor” promises to scare us out of our wits thanks to indie horror actress Elissa Dowling.
– As Sadie, the supernatural entity who creeps out Phil (“CM Punk”) and Liz’s (Trieste Kelly Dunn) dream home, Elissa went method, losing 20 to 30 pounds to portray the young girl who now is a haunting presence.
– Already an award winning Best Actress for her role in “Automaton”, it won’t be long before horror fans are singing the praises of the delectable Elissa especially since she recently graced SXSW 2019.

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