The Most Enchanting Actresses @ Golden Door International Film Festival 2019

Sara Verhagen in “Les trompes de ma mère”

actress sara verhagen golden door film festival 2019 les trompes de ma mere

– Multi-lingual, Paris-based actress Sara Verhagen is a surefire bet to captivate us in “Les trompes de ma mère” a.k.a. “Under Mom’s Skirt” which has already garnered her a Best Female Performance award.
– This fetching actress essays the role of Lucie whose trip to the doctor with her mother reveals much more than she can chew. Sara adroitly ‘trumps’ (watch the teaser) the awkwardness her character soon faces.
– Conversant with both the comedic and dramatic genre, Sara has caught the eye with her ebullience on screen and even played Mary Gallagher, the personal secretary of one Jackie Kennedy in the aptly title film “Jackie”.

Brooke Hoover in “Blue Bags Float in Saltwater” and “Three Grand Souls”

actress brooke hoover golden door film festival 2019 blue bags float in saltwater three grand souls

– Having graced the red carpet of this year’s opening night at the Golden Door International Film Fest, Brooke appears in a pair of films with one threading darker territory and the other of much lighter fare.
– After her radiant turn in the much adored festival favorite “Hudson”, Brooke stars in “Blue Bags Float In Saltwater” as one half of a fugitive couple who clash over on how best to stash stolen money.
– While she may have a supporting role in “Three Grand Souls”, Brooke is establishing herself as a fixture in independent films and her authentic warmth is bound to connect with her ever growing fan base.

Angelica Page in “The Turner Exhibit”

actress angelica page golden door film festival 2019 the turner exhibit

– Feted for her magical touch on stage in numerous well-received plays, it’s great to see Angelica bringing her impeccable artistry onto independent film-making as she stars in “The Turner Exhibit”.
– In her role as Jeanette Turner, she’s in a familial struggle as grudges between 2 set of siblings threaten to boil over. The suspense is a real killer indeed and a betrayal or two is right around the corner!
– Reminiscent of her mother Geraldine Page who we all know is a Hollywood luminary, Angelica forges her own luminous identity on the film front where she’s already been part of some very interesting projects.

Alysa King in “Life Alarm”

actress alysa king golden door film festival 2019 life alarm

– Having made waves in horror features “Berkshire Country” and “Bed Of The Dead”, multi-talented Canadian Vixen Alysa King threads the comedic route as a jaded paramedic in “Life Alarm”.
– She stars as Tammy who is summoned at the beck and call of an 80’s washed out rock star only to find that their fleeting flirtation leads to a heart-to-heart conversation between 2 disparate souls.
– As a horror fan, I have been re-visting some of the shows that I’ve missed and “Slasher” is certainly at the top of the list with Alysa recurring on the show as Rachel Ingram who is quite the femme fatale.

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