Fantastic Fest 2019 Spotlight: Helen Kennedy

actress spotlight helen kennedy fantastic fest 2019 vhyes

This year’s Fantastic Fest is the playground for the weird and the outlandish with the whimsical retro short film “VHYes” starring the stunning Helen Kennedy making its premiere. She appears as Bree Jones, an American news anchor in a world of VHS and Beta with the protagonist, 12-year-old Ralph who has erased the tape of his parent’s wedding. Overwritten by kitschy television shows, he soon finds an inkling of the impending divorce between his mum and dad amidst his indiscriminate recordings.

With the 2019 Emmy winners being dominated by British talents notably Phoebe Waller-Bridge from the series “Fleabag”, it’s opportune to feature burgeoning UK actress Helen who is quickly forging an enthralling presence on the festival circuit. Her leading role in “Whore: Table #6” which is a biting satire on the portrayal of women on TV had great reviews at both Dances With Films and Hollyshorts Film Fest. As Harriet in “Whore: Table #6”, she’s hoping to reverse her fortunes as an aspiring actress where bearing her tits or dying has always been the norm. She gets her chance when her agent offers her a special project. Written by Helen, she revels in exploring the often dark facets of entertainment where an actress runs the risk of exploitation in her career. How irresistible is Helen’s British accent and so you know she’s just as flawless with an American accent.

She’s already worked with “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes as well as “Game of Thrones” actor Stephen Dillane. With such a magnetic personality and an innate talent for comedy, Helen should soon catch the eye of the world.

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