Screen Sirens To Crave @ Raindance Film Festival 2019

Catherine Lidstone in “What Bitch”

actress catherine lidstone raindance film festival 2019 what bitch

– We do love our rising starlets and the stunning Catherine Lidstone is on course to garner avid attention with her standing as an entrancing face across film, television and new media.
– Ingenious at embodying the tough exterior of the character she plays and adding to it with hints of vulnerability as seen on her recent stint on the series “Proven Innocent”, Catherine is certainly gifted.
– In the short film “What Bitch?”, she’s quite the feisty young lady, starring as the favorite daughter who is looked upon with disdain by her elder sister, a woman seeking maternal approval over the years.

Hannah Leder in “The Planters”

actress hannah leder raindance film festival 2019 the planters

– With its world premiere at this year’s Raindance Film Festival, the comedic opus “The Planters” by the multi-talented Hannah should receive its deserved plaudits and see her being compared to Greta Gerwig.
– Marvel at the offbeat deadpan humor and memorable performances from the 2 leads, Alexandra Kotcheff as well as Hannah herself who plays an eccentric woman with multiple personalities.
– This year, Hannah will surely be in much demand seeing how she’s slated to have a recurring role in the comedy series “The Morning Show” alongside Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Jodi Carol Harrison in “Division Street”

actress jodi carol harrison raindance film festival 2019 division street

– Jodi has been praised as heartbreakingly beautiful for her role as Bobbi Jones, the oft-kilter mother of Montana Manning’s character in the trippy film “Daddy Issues” which speaks highly of her acting finesse.
– Viewers can bear witness to her dexterous ability onscreen with the recent release of “Daddy Issues” which has seen her play a druggie, a hippie teacher among many others each time with an admirable authenticity.
– Jodi repeats the feat in “Division Street” where she stars as an overbearing grandmother whose usually withdrawn grand-daughter comes to live with her and discovers something magical. Check out the clip here!

Shiva Negar in “Merging With The Infinite”

actress shiva negar raindance film festival 2019 merging with the infinite

– One could say that Canadian Goddess Shiva Negar is blooming with her work spanning multiple mediums most notably her sultry big screen role opposite heart-throb Dylan O’Brien in “American Assassin”.
– She has also guest-starred in a host of TV shows including “Heartland”, “Blood & Treasure”, “Hudson & Rex” as well as being the star of a duo of indie festival selections namely “Ctrl” and “Becoming Burlesque”.
– Blessed with a sensual intensity that stems from an organic appeal when she depicts characters on screen, Shiva is set to make heads turn yet again in the surreal sci-fi short “Merging With The Infinite”.

Maya Stojan in “Babysplitters”

actress maya stojan raindance film festival 2019 babysplitters

– On account that Maya had been memorably beguiling in her recurring role on 2 of my favorite TV shows Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and “Castle”, she’s always been a darling to admire on this blog.
– Adeptly traversing the lines between sweetness and sultriness on her many roles throughout her career, Maya has always been more than just a screen beauty with her flirty intelligence consistently intoxicating.
– In the hilarious yet smart comedy “Babysplitters” starring Maiara Walsh and Danny Pudi, she dons the scrubs as Dr Young who crosses paths with 2 couples who are undecided on having kids.

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