Horror Vixens To Crave @ ShriekFest 2019

Brie Mattson in “Stay Out Stay Alive”

actress brie mattson shriekfest 2019 fatale stay out stay alive

– Eternal cutie Brie stars in the riveting horror flick “Stay Out Stay Alive” as Bridget who together with her sister and group of friends discover an abandoned gold mine that will become a big danger to themselves.
– The question is can her character survive long enough amidst the madness to be to be the Final Girl? Brie excels in the skin of Bridget as she comes under huge strain when grappling with her sister’s tense ramblings.
– Kudos to founder Denise Gossett for consistently including some of the most thrilling pieces of horror throughout her Shriekfest history and introducing us to the bright, enchanting talents like Brie to the world.

Candice Michele Barley in “Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets”

actress candice michele barley shriekfest 2019 max winslow and the house of secrets

– Don’t miss the luminous Candice in sci-fi thriller “Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets” in her ‘Scary Mom’ persona in a tale about scientist Atticus Virtue (Chad Michael Murray) and his giveaway mansion.

– As you can see from the pic (above), she exudes a creepy vibe as Tammy Lawson, the matriarch of lacrosse jock Connor (Tanner Buchanan) who is drawn into the competition against an A.I. together with five others.
– It’s a definite 360 degrees as compared to her endearing turn in the family drama “Changing Saddles” where she shows her softer side alongside Jason London and Lou Diamond Phillips of “Prodigal Son” fame.

Danielle Bisutti in “Greenlight”

actress danielle bisutti greenlight shriekfest 2019 greenlight

– Danielle has already gotten rave reviews for her performances as Hexela, the evil witch in “Dwight In Shining Armor” and affirms why she’s one of the most coveted actresses in the sci-fi/horror genre.
– She is part of “Greenlight”, the opening film at this year’s Shriekfest which tells of an aspiring director who is forced into a heinous plot that involves a real life murder while he’s busy directing!

– Undoubtedly a Screen Goddess, Danielle has even sizzled on the gaming platform as Freya in Sony’s epic PlayStation 4 adventure God of War. This voluptuous enchantress is adored over all mediums.

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