Sitges Film Festival 2019: Miranda Bailey

actress miranda bailey sitges film festival 2019 body at brighton rock

October has arrived and we all know it’s the Month Of Horror so it’s a slashing good time to feature the über talented Miranda Bailey. In the dark horror comedy “Body At Brighton Rock”, she plays the hard-headed ranger Sandra who is training a group of fresh-faced rookies at the fictionally named Brighton Rock Recreational Area. Sandra’s advice to her park guide rookies fall on deaf ears as the lively Wendy (Karina Fontes) decides to swap assignments with her co-worker Maya (Emily Althaus). What ensues is a trip into the unknown for Wendy as she’s knee deep in a state of confusion after traversing the wrong routes and discovering a body amidst the vast wilderness. As Wendy’s lady boss, Miranda is polished as her pragmatic character Sandra and effectively proves her point why we should listen to our superiors.

Miranda is certainly one of those at the fore-front of the female movement both on and off screen. “Body At Brighton Rock” is notable for having such a strong female presence which only adds substance to Miranda’s notability as a filmmaker. She also directs Jim Gaffigan, Anna Gunn and Danielle Campbell in “Being Frank”. Miranda explores the issue of bigamy which has an intriguing spin and touches on the effects of the betrayal. As a male, I’m lucky to be able to be enthralled by the caliber of her story-telling and she’s added several interesting secondary arcs throughout “Being Frank”. Having graced SXSW and TIFF, Miranda has the indelible ebullience to impress audiences stretching from Catalonia in Barcelona and to the rest of the world.

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