Screen Sirens To Adore @ Sitges Film Festival 2019

Carlee Baker in “Love Bite”

actress carlee baker sitges film festival 2019 love bite

– One of the sexiest horror actresses to ever grace the genre, Carlee Baker makes us swoon once more in the zom-com “Love Bite” where the zombie apocalypse is suprisingly overrun by matters of the heart.
– Pulling double duty as the writer and lead actress, she’s at Sitges for the feature’s premiere in Spain, displaying heart and smarts in the role of Nancy who squabbles with her partner as much as the walking dead.
– From her striking turn as the nubile teacher Miss Genevieve Raton in “The Woman” and undergoing a roguish transformation in “Creatures of Whitechapel”, Carlee’s versatility onscreen is laudable.

Jenny Raven in “Riot Girls”

actress jenny raven sitges film festival 2019 riot girls

– In what is a headstrong role, Jenny Raven shines in the thrilling “Riot Girls”, a nod to the punk-ish 90s set in a town where all the adults have vanished and a ruling hierarchy emerges among the young.
– She’s riveting as Caine who besides aiding Nat (Madison Iseman) and Scratch (Paloma Kwiatkowski) in their kid saving mission, faces up to the villainous Jeremy (Munro Chambers). Check out the clip here.
– While she’s no stranger to horror having appeared on “Black Mirror”, “Shadowhunters” and the remake of “Flatliners”, Jenny has consistently been an enchanting vision across multiple genres.

Tonya Cornelisse in “Mope”

actress tonya cornelisse sitges film festival 2019 mope

– With her many sassy performances derived from finding a relatable angle to connect to audiences, Tonya is excellently brassy as the drug-addled Tampa in “Mope”, the tale of 2 two low end porn actors seeking fame.
– She embodied the frolicsome nature of her celebrity hunting character on the TV series “Catastrophe” to a tee and one has to applaud Tonya for taking up kooky roles that have regularly been eye-catching.
– Look out for the effervescent Tonya alongside Jamie Foxx and Jean Reno in the upcoming thriller called “The Manuscript” as well as a supporting role in Michael Sheehan’s “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle”.

Sylvia Jefferies in “3 From Hell”

actress sylvia jefferies sitges film festival 2019 3 from hell

– With a character name such as Heather Starship Galen in “3 From Hell”, Rob Zombie’s sequel to “The Devil’s Rejects”, there’s every reason to look forward to catching the delectable Sylvia Jefferies.
– She might have been disheveled and a little crazy in a supporting role in the action flick “Shaft” yet this time around Sylvia will be in the cross hairs of the manic Firefly family back for another killing spree.
– Well known for her stint on the popular series “Nashville” which was tragic as it was memorable, she has depicted moments of vulnerability in her roles, proving her talent is impeccable.

Jackie Joyner in “Charlie Says”

actress jackie joyner sitges film festival 2019 charlie says

– Notable for her comedic work, the vivacious and curvaceous Jackie Joyner threads darker territory in “Charlie Says”, the disturbing movie that focuses its story on the female followers of the enigmatic Mr Manson.
– As Rosemary LaBianca, one of the many victims of the notorious Manson Family, she has an intense scene in “Charlie Says” where she desperately defends herself against a knife-wielder with a bedroom lamp.
– Jackie recently aappeared on “Andi Mack” and made us chuckle as the mom of Cyrus who is one of Andi’s best friends and is prominent as the first Disney main character to come out as gay.

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