Sizzling Indie Darlings @ Woodstock Film Festival 2019

Ashley Avis, Director of “Adolescence”

director actress ashley avis film festival 2019 adolescence

– 2019 is most certainly a strong year for female directors with Ashley Avis illuminating the indie film world with her arresting movie “Adolescence” which doesn’t sky away from baring the innate darkness of youth.
– Ashley has adroitly drew out dynamic performances from the film’s 2 leads Mickey River and India Eisley, displaying her mettle as an accomplished film-maker with the ability to elicit compelling drama.
– She is following up her striking drug-fueled teen opus with “Black Beauty” which stars Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy which has a 2020 release date, elevating Ashley’s flourishing reputation.

Haroula Rose, Director of “Once Upon A River”

director actress haroula rose woodstock film festival 2019 once upon a river

– Haroula Rose is also a noteworthy director that should be on everyone’s lips as her coming-of-age film “Once Upon A River” is celebrated for its absorbing female-driven content as well as promoting diversity in media.
– She directs Kenadi DelaCerna who plays part-Native American teenage girl Margo Crane set on a journey of self discovery to find her mom after a tragic incident that led to her father’s death.
– Already an award winning film-maker, Haroula is also known as a comely singer-songwriter having contributed her lovely vocals to the soundtrack of popular TV shows “American Horror Story” and “iZombie”.

Christine Weatherup in “Speed Of Life”

actress christine weatherup woodstock film festival 2019 speed of life

– Once could say the luminous Christine Weatherup is a perennial fixture on this blog and she can be seen in “Speed Of Life” with an intriguing premise that involves falling into a wormhole created by David Bowie’s death.
– She reunites with director Liz Manashil who directed her in the much adored film “Bread and Butter” which was conceived on a micro budget yet made a memorable impression on the festival circuit.
– With her upcoming appearance on the highly anticipated HBO series “Watchmen”, as well as a role in the horror flick “3 From Hell”, Christine will be very much a name to be cherished.

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