Canadian TV Sirens To Crave

Tammy Gillis on “Van Helsing”

actress tammy gillis van helsing

– Multi-talented Tammy Gillis guest stars on the 4th Season of “Van Helsing” and from the outset, her character Monica is faced with a packed of feral vampires. Don’t miss this perennial enchantress on TV once more.

– “Van Helsing” is such a great series with it being female driven and there’s the addition of a female Dracula (Tricia Helfer) in Season 4. As part of Vanessa’s squad, Tammy’s Monica will be joining the anti-vamp resistance.
– She will be reprising the straight as an arrow Deputy Marissa Staub in the 3rd Season of the Mermaid saga “Siren”. Tammy is stellar in her role where she personifies her loner character who keeps cards close to her chest.

Kristen Gutoskie on “Chicago Fire”

actress kristen gutoskie chicago fire

– Fresh of her beguiling turn as Beth a.k.a one of the Marthas, a domestic servant to the families of Commanders on the hit series “The Handmaid’s Tale, she returns to the small screen on “Chicago Fire”.

– On “Chicago Fire”, she recurs as Chloe, the office worker who has the hots for firefighter Cruz and while she was more reserved on “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Kristen is sure to brighten up the Chicago Firehouse 51.
– I can’t wait for her to share screen time with Elisha Cuthbert, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Sarah Chalke (who we all know were the sweethearts in the early days of 2000) in the upcoming comedy “Eat Wheaties!”

Farrah Aviva on “A Million Little Things”

actress farrah aviva a million little things

– Farrah Aviva has already worked with Johnny Depp on the drama “The Professor”, even sharing a kiss with the icon and has regularly been on several shows playing a captivating range of personas.

– Recently she had a fun stint on “Loudermilk” which she is set to recur once more on the 3rd Season of the sharp comedy series and she will also appear on the emotionally laden “A Million Little Things”.
– Her photography career just like her career onscreen is soaring thanks to her affectionate personality which lends itself to stress-free photo shoots. Her clients have included Ruth Connell of “Supernatural” fame.

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