Sizzling Starlets To Crave @ Oaxaca Film Festival 2019

Ilana Guralnik in “Tijuana”

actress ilana guralnik oaxaca film festival 2019 tijuana

– With the Oaxaca Film Fest being held annually in the colonial Mexican city of Oaxaca, it’s apt to feature Ilana Guralnik, the leading lady of the short film “Tijuana” in one of her sultriest portrayal to date.
– She’s exceptional as the femme fatale Carmen, a crafty woman with lofty ambitions whose husband falls for her feminine wilds and succumbs to her request to start a tequila-smuggling business.
– Whilst “Tijuana” is set in the glamorous days of the 1920s, you can put Ilana in any era and she’ll shine. Embracing her seductive role as Carmen impeccably, she’s a stunning vision of foxiness.

Jennifer Soo in “Our Way Home”

actress jennifer soo oaxaca film festival 2019 our way home

– The fact that “Our Way Home” is shrouded in mystery enhances our eagerness to find out more about the retro short which sees Jennifer as Barbara Chou who has adopted a Westernized culture as opposed to her brother.
– Set in 1962, the siblings have a racist encounter whilst returning from college for the Thanksgiving holiday and the night takes them down a winding path that brings the duo towards the unexpected.
– Just as she did in the poignant drama “For Izzy” back in 2018, Jennifer is at the forefront on the conversation of identity and culture in media. She certainly puts in a captivating emotional investment to her roles.

Kelly Murtagh in “Just My Type”

actress kelly murtagh oaxaca film festival 2019 just my type

– Essaying her character Vee with a riveting intensity in the dark comedic short “Just My Type”, it’s no wonder she won a Best Actress award for her role that sees her on a date that ends on an unusual note
– Television has been a boon for Kelly as she has appeared in the heart-stopping first season of “The Purge”, “Preacher”, “Cloak & Dagger” and as a luminous science teacher on the Netflix rom-com “Tall Girl”.

– She’s is slated to appear in the HULU series “Looking For Alaska” as the mom of Alaska Young, a rebellious yet enigmatic young girl. Cue the inevitable fireworks between mother and daughter!

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