Carolyn Dodd

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Bubbly and vivacious, Carolyn Dodd is bound to be revered by a global audience as she makes her return on the 3rd Season of “Get Shorty”. As Emma Daly, she’s making up for lost time by trying to re-connect with her hitman dad Miles ( Chris O’Dowd ). Their banter is priceless with the father daughter awkwardness looking to bring both of them ever closer. Carolyn’s chemistry with Chris is palpable and for the past 2 seasons we’ve seen both their characters slowly yet surely bridging their differences. Thanks to Carolyn’s stirring performances, viewers can see Emma is trying her best to be receptive to her absentee dad with them being recognized as the best daddy-daughter duo on TV!

While we know Carolyn is a true blue sweetheart as evident by her Instagram, she’s a natural when it comes to embodying her character’s traits and we could soon be endorsing her as an ingénue. That youthful vigor of hers is adorably infectious and we can’t wait to see Carolyn’s evolution as Emma.

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For such a burgeoning young talent, she projects an entrancing maturity whenever she takes to the small screen. On “Get Shorty”, she’s also worked with Lucy Walters who plays her mom and their relationship is harmonious as can be. Lucy is of course very much idolized on this blog and the in-demand Carolyn is well on her way to be wildly popular!

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