Indie Darlings To Adore @ Portland Film Festival 2019

Jana Lee Hamblin in “Seaside”

actress jana lee hamblin portland film festival 2019 seaside

– Jana Lee Hamblin is at the forefront of cultured talents hailing from Portland, a polished actress blessed with an elegant poise that affords her the ability to excel in a catalogue of strong characters.
– In the thriller “Seaside”, she elicits an utmost zeal as the lady lawyer and executor of wills who nonchalantly breaks the news to Roger (Matt Shingledecker) about his late father’s replete with a biting sarcasm.
– Being a Portland native, Jana has shone on TV in “Portlandia” and has many appearances across several hit shows such as “Ballers”, “Jane The Virgin” and most recently on “Sneaky Pete” this year.

Sarah Booth in “Last Call”

actress sarah booth portland film festival 2019 last call

– The gifted Sarah threads indelibly between independent films and the small screen where she essayed an outstanding guest-starring role as Captain Beth Williams, a rape victim on “Law And Order: SVU”.
– Once more, she’s a potent vision onscreen in “Last Call” as a janitor who might just be the last hope of a bitter alcoholic teetering on suicide. In a single take, she pivots across varying emotional states effortlessly.
– Sarah has several films that have just been released including the sci-fi film “Encounter” and “Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story”, the latter being so relevant in the current LGBT vs religion discourse.

Lacy Marie Meyer in “Unplanned”

actress lacy marie meyer unplanned portland film festival 2019 unplanned

– A multiple Best Actress winner for her leading role in “Suck It Up Buttercup”, Lacy went on to even more eye-catching parts in “American Fango”, “Joker’s Wild”, “Second Chance” and “The Rainbow Experiment”.
– Don’t miss her stirring performance in “Unplanned” as a young woman who together with her equally youthful lover grapple with a difficult decision on how best to handled her unexpected pregnancy.
– She also had a recurring stint on Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer”, most notably cutting quite the figure in black leather and excelling as a feisty woman testing men who push her emotional buttons.

DeDe Drake, Director of “Room Service”

actress dede drake portland film festival 2019 room service

– DeDe’s entertaining short film “Room Service” took the honors with the Best Comedy Award at the North Hollywood CineFest and her leading lady Carrie Barrett won the Best Actress award at the LA Comedy Festival.
– Audiences will not want to miss being tickled pink by “Room Service” which centers on a woman who ropes in the services of a stranger-turned-sperm donor only to have her gay best friend complicate the transaction.
– A fetching actress and accomplished director in the indie film arena, we do applaud DeDe for going mainstream having guest-starred on “Criminal Minds” and here’s hoping she partakes in even more shows.

Lola Blanc in “In Other Words”

actress lola blanc portland film festival 2019 in other words

– A media sensation blessed with an array of talents, Lola Blanc is the torch-bearer of avant-garde entertainment, her chameleon-like dynamism ensures we are always in wonderment of her voguish charms.
– She is the captivating presence of the comedic short “In Other Words” which she also wrote from her own personal experience with her ex-boyfriend. The story explores the communication issues in relationships.
– Her other short “Fatale Collective: Bleed” which recently screened at this year’s Fantastic Fest is nothing short of surrealistic indulgence certainly in keeping with the experimental identity of the innovative Lola.

Rachael Perrell Fosket in “The Legend of Grayson Crockett”

actress rachael perrell fosket portland film festival 2019 just my type

– If ever there was an actress who represents the essence of Portland then it has to be the sweetheart Rachael Perrell Fosket (who is from the great state of Oregon) whose affable disposition is thoroughly engaging.
– Having appeared on the hit show “Portlandia”, she is best known for her memorable role on “The Librarians” as as Cindy Kroger who was able to keep a town under her thrall thanks to a magic potion.
– With the big news that Rachael will next be seen on the big screen in the Roland Emmerich blockbuster “Midway”, let us watch her gracefulness unfold in the fantastical short “The Legend of Grayson Crockett”.

One thought on “Indie Darlings To Adore @ Portland Film Festival 2019

  1. looking forward to meeting these lovely actresses at the Portland Comedy Film Festival this year. Our award winning film was nominated for best TV Comedy at this Festival screening 11/2.

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